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AMMUC Celebrates 17th Foundation Day with Emphasis on Skilled Manpower’s Vital Role

Foundation Day of AMMUC held

Foundation Day of AMMUC held in Imphal.

Imphal/ October 18, 2023 (SPN) | In a spirited celebration, the All Manipur Manpower Upliftment Centre (AMMUC) commemorated its 17th Foundation Day at the Singjamei Chinga Makha office today.

The event was graced by Senior Advocate Nongmaithem Mahendra Singh, serving as the Chief Guest, while S. Bimolchandra, Advisory Board AMMUC, was honored as the Guest of Honor. AMMUC’s President, Tourangbam Dhyanchand Singh, presided over the celebration.

The foundation day witnessed the enthusiastic participation of executive members, advisors, and members of AMMUC, alongside the dedicated vendors of Ima Keithel.

The event delved into a profound exploration of the invaluable role that manpower plays in the progress and development of Manipur. Speakers highlighted the significance of both skilled and unskilled workers in the workforce, shedding light on their contributions to the state’s growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, as Manipur anticipates the full operationalization of the railway system in the coming days, the event emphasized the pivotal role that skilled manpower will assume in this transformative endeavor. With the railway poised to bring new opportunities, economic growth, and connectivity to the region, skilled workers are expected to be at the forefront of this progress.

The celebration not only recognized the existing contributions of skilled manpower but also underscored the importance of continued training and upskilling to meet the demands of the evolving job market in Manipur, especially as the railway network becomes a reality.

During the closing ceremony, President Tourangbam Dhyanchand Singh paid heartfelt floral tributes to the founders and members of the All Manipur Manpower Upliftment Centre.

He also pledged the organization’s commitment to providing assistance during the ongoing crisis in Manipur following the incident on May 3rd. AMMUC reaffirmed its dedication to supporting and uplifting the skilled workforce of Manipur as the state progresses into a new era of connectivity and development.

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