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Apply for UDI Card for Scholarships-Ng Uttam

Social Welfare director Ng Uttam refutes allegations of Anganwadi rice transport scandals

Ng Uttam urged the PwDs to apply for UDI card as they are necessary in applying for scholarships. He further asked to correct all mistakes or different names in Aadhaar, voter cards or certificates.

Addressing a press meet at the office chamber of the director of the Social Welfare department on Monday, Ng Uttam, Director of Social Welfare said that the Social Welfare department handled national scholarships for persons with disabilities (PwDs) before it became facilitated under the Education department.

He said that looking into grievances faced by the PwDs while getting benefits of the national ‘scholarship for persons with disability’, the department had consulted with the Education department and the review was also done. With the completion of the review, the scholarship for people with disability will be handled by the Social Welfare department, he said.

When queried about the change of authority, the director responded that PwDs are more comfortable and candid with the officials of the Social Welfare department. In the education department, there were two nodal officers for handling scholarships but one got retired, he said. After that only one nodal officer is now handling the work for scholarship, he added.

Based on the 2011 census data, there are as many as 26, 000 PwDs who are UDI card holders in Manipur as of now, he mentioned. However, the department thinks that there are more in the state, he added.

Elaborating about the scholarship, Uttam said that the scholarship is to be applied under a national portal and it is the easiest way to find duplicates. The scholarship will give to six components, pre-matric scholarship; post matric scholarship; top-class scholarship; national overseas scholarship; national fellowship; and free coaching. It should be applied till September 31, he added.

The scholarships should be applied by the school, and they will be approved by the state authority and submitted to the portal, he said.

Students who are PwD can apply for the scholarship through the national portal; there are teams to help while applying for the scholarship, Uttam said.

Taking advantage of the press meet Uttam also appealed people of Thoubal to corporate and extend support to the ongoing police investigation into the case of a father raping his own daughter.

“Anyone who claims to be an eyewitness or wants to give a statement may please come forward,” he added.

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