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ATSUM warns STDCM for demanding ST status for Meitei/Meetei

ATSUM warns STDCM for demanding ST status for Meetei/Meitei

ATSUM warns STDCM for demanding ST status for Meitei/Meetei.

ATSUM warns STDCM members blaming the Schedule Tribe Demands Committee, Manipur must take responsibility for thwarting the “illogical” and “ill-conceived” demands to avoid any serious repercussions, in any case.

The All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur (ATSUM) on Tuesday presented memorandums to elected tribal leaders storming their official quarters regarding the request made by Scheduled Tribes Demand Committee Manipur (STDCM) for the inclusion of Meitei/Meetei in the ST list as per the Constitution of India.

MLA RK Imo supported the ST Status Demand of Meitei/Meetei.

ATSUM members first met at the Adimjati campus around 7:30 am and went directly to the official residence of the Transport Minister, Khasim Vashum, and submitted him with a memorandum on the ST demand by Meitei. They then went to the Lamphel quarters of Manipur Outer MP Dr. S Lorho Pfoze, where they submitted a copy of the memorandum. Then ATSUM attempted to meet Water Minister Awangbow Newmai, who was found absent. However, the memorandum was presented to the Minister’s Personal Assistant. Finally, they met and interacted with Hill Area Committee (HAC) Chairman Dipu Gangmei.

While interacting with Dr. S Lorho, the MP said that he understands the genuine grievances of the tribals regarding the ST demand put up by the STDCM. He said that while everyone has the right to demand anything, it is up to the government to weigh and balance whether a community’s demand outweighs the rights and privileges of the minority community. 

This is a very serious issue. India, being such a large democratic country, will surely protect the rights and privileges of the tribals, Dr. S Lorho Pfoze added. He said the Indian constitution is a constitution of justice, and equality and will grant privileges for each community to grow and expressed his confidence in the government of the country.

Minister Konthoujam Govindas supported the ST demand by Meitei.

The MP assured that he will examine the memorandum and see the best way to deal with the problem. Dipu Gangmei said that the inclusion of some communities in the ST list should be decided by the relevant authority and there is no need to panic. He said that he has noted whatever issue raised and will discuss it through the proper forum and put it up to the competent authority. He also said the matter will be discussed on its merits.

ATSUM has requested the government and tribal MLAs that under no circumstances should the demand made by STDCM not be supported as it is illogical and illegitimate in the eyes of justice. In the memorandum signed by its Chairman Paotinthang Lupheng and General Secretary SR Andria, ATSUM urged the HAC to support the wish and desire of the tribal community when the time comes for the state government to discuss STDCM’s request for recognition of the ST status of the Meetei/Meitei community.

The Memorandum also stated that the tribal community of the State shall never accept the ‘devious’ demand of the STDCM from being met by the government and should be prevented at all costs. The ATSUM warns STDCM blaming the Demand Committee must take responsibility for thwarting the “illogical” and “ill-conceived” demands to avoid any serious repercussions, in any case.

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