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CPPKT and KSO cleared the doubt on the Thangjing hills

CPPKT and KSO sort out misunderstanding on Thangjing hills

Mutual understanding has been reached between the Committee on Protection and Preservation of Historical Rights of Koubru and Thangjing Hill Ranges (CPPKT) and Kuki Student’s Organization ( KSO) Henglep Block and Churachandpur on the issue of Thangjing Hills.

The difference was sorted out today in a meeting initiated by the DGP Manipur in his official chamber. After clearing all the misunderstandings, it has been resolved that all the Press Releases made in connection with Thangjing Hills by both parties are withdrawn.

As per the CPPKT press release, any form of tree plantation or religious rites at Thangjing Hills is permitted now.

CM N Biren also posted on his official Facebook page, “As an agreement has come through between the parties concerned, I appeal to everyone to not indulge in making hate comments/statements and aggravate the situation.”

The Thangjing Hill controversy started on May 5 when Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) Henglep branch issued a press statement debarring plantation drives on Thangjing hills.

The Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) has said that it would like to make it known to the general public that, the organization is perturbed about the frequent attempt to create chaotic, irrational, and unsolicited activities in and around Loikhai (Thangjing Areas) by the valley-based individuals and groups. Thus, the KSO unit of Churachandpur and members of the Chief Association stopped the plantation drive at Thangjing Hills.

A Principal Chief Conservator of the Forest team, Chief Conservator of Forest, District Forest Officer, Henglep Sub-Divisioner Officer, and Churachandpur Police today planned to carry out a plantation drive at Thangjing areas.

Acting on a reliable source that a tree plantation drive would be carried out by the Forest Department in Thangjing Hill Range on Thursday, the locals of the area gathered at the foothills of Thangjing Hills and stopped the officials from carrying out the plantation of saplings.

The Committee on Protection and Preservation of Historical Rights of Koubru and Thangjing Hill Ranges (CPPKT) called for a public meeting on May 14 and decided to ban KSO members and Kukis from Henglep areas in the valley.

Later, the issue was blown out when BJYM team led by State Unit President confronted the villagers in Thangjing hills when the team went to plant trees as part of the Green Manipur campaign.

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