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Mental Health Advocate Deepika Mayanglambam Brings Hope to Relief Camp in Akampat

Deepika Mayanglambam interacts with children at Relief Camp in Akampat

Deepika Mayanglambam interacts with children at Relief Camp in Akampat.

Imphal/September 05, 2023 (SPN) | Renowned Mental Health Advocate Deepika Mayanglambam, also the founder and CEO of Freedom From Mental Illness, made a heartfelt visit to the Ideal Girls College Relief Camp in Akampat, Imphal today.

Her visit highlighted the urgent need for safe spaces for children within relief camps and emphasized the importance of mental health support for survivors of the Meitei versus Kuki Conflict which starts on May 3.

The Ideal Girls College Relief Camp currently houses around 800 people who fled their homes in the troubled border areas of Manipur due to the ongoing conflict. These individuals have faced incredibly tough times, leaving them vulnerable and in need of help.

Deepika Mayanglambam and her dedicated team, including Biswajit Saikia, Lanchenba Salam, Uhlan Wahengbam, Delton Naorem, and Vishal Moirangthem, recognized that the 170 children living at the camp needed special attention. The children have gone through tough experiences that have left them deeply affected, so they needed immediate help to heal and feel better.

During her visit, Deepika Mayanglambam and her team organized activities to make the children feel better and stronger. These included games and exercises meant to provide emotional support and bring hope back into the lives of these young survivors.

The visit was a powerful reminder of how important Child-Friendly Spaces (CFCs) are in relief camps. These spaces give children a safe place to express themselves, play, and receive emotional support to recover from the emotional scars left by conflict and displacement.

Deepika Mayanglambam also stressed the urgent need for CFCs in relief camps across the region, as they play a vital role in helping young survivors rebuild their lives.

Deepika Mayanglambam’s visit to the Akampat Ideal Girls College Relief Camp shows her unwavering commitment to supporting those affected by conflict and trauma, particularly their mental well-being.

Her efforts offer hope to the children and families in the camp, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey toward healing and recovery.

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