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Do’s and don’ts for new year picnic party in Manipur

new year picnic party

IW SP Ksh Shivakanta inspecting the picnic spot in Sekmai.

The Imphal West SP, Kshetrimayum Shivakanta (IPS) today appealed to the people of Manipur to celebrate the coming Bye-bye and New year picnic party safely and in the best way, without causing problems to the people around them.

SP Shivakatana said Sekmai and the adjoining areas are favorite places for picnic lovers. To prevent any crimes and accidents during the celebration of the Bye-bye and New year picnic party, Police will cooperate at the best level.”

Imphal West SP Ksh Shivakanta appealing picnic party for safety (File photo).

Timing for picnic arrival will be from 9-10 AM and the picnic spot will b closed around 4 PM. Visitors are requested to return back as early as possible.

SP Shivakanta himself toured the Sekmai river, which is the most happening picnic hotspot, and take stock of the place, in consultation with the Sekmai Police Stations and local Clubs.

The State Police will frisk entry and exit points. Picnic parties should not bring licensed guns or any form of firearms that might be a threat to the people. Several cases of celebratory gunfire are seen during the party. This should not happen during the bye-bye and new year picnic party now.

The police will keep a vigil on those picnic parties which will cause crime against women and road rage. The Police will make sure to prevent the crime on 31st December and 1st January party.

Alcohol abusers will be detained at the nearest Police Station and will be released once they have fully regained consciousness, this is for their safety.

Shivakanta further went down to the Sekmai river bank and point out the areas where the water level is deep, cautioning people not to party near such places. “This is to prevent drowning in the water. We will put signboards in these danger zones and picnic parties must avoid the restricted zones. Cases of drowning in the Sekmai rivers while partying were reported some years ago,” SP added.

SP Shivakatanda also appeals to the new year picnic party not to litter the place. He told the people to carry back the plastic bottles and other waste so that the garbages can be handed over to the Municipality garbage collection team. After the picnic, it shall be the duty of the picnic party to clean up the space utilized by them. This way, the environment of Sekmai will be preserved.

Lastly, SP Shivakanta wishes the people to welcome and celebrate the new year.

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