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Eenat Yokkhat Lup disciplines caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev temple

Eenat Yokkhat Lup

EYL disciplined caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev for misleading Umanglai Haraoba.

Strongly condemning the misrepresentation of Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon by the caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev, Eenat Yokkhat Lup disciplined the caretaker from Kamranga in Khuningthek, Jiribam.

The incident happened on February 7 to 13 when a Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev caretaker engaged the Maiba, Maibi, and Pena during the ceremony, which is not related to the Umanglai Haraoba ceremony.

A press release from the President of Eenat Yokkhat Lup (EYL), Pukhrambam Pibaren Khuman also mentioned that the caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev, Khundrakpam Memtombi (67 years) has tendered an unconditional apology for her mistakes of using Umanglai Haoraoba Laithou Kanglon, which is distorting the Lai Haraoba in a different shade.

Considering her honest clarification and commitment not to repeat the act, the EYL pardoned Memtombi for the first and last time. However, the Maiba, Maibi, and Pena should come to the Eenat Yokkhat Lup and confess their actions for misleading the Lai Haraoba by performing in Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev.

Caretaker of Shri Shri Shiv Mahadev summoned by Eenat Yokkhat Lup.

The Umanglai Haraoba which is sacred and important to show the identity and civilization of Meetei must be preserved and protected. This Laitou Thouram is the only source of our unique culture and traditional rituals. Eenat Yokkhat Lup is keeping a strict vigil on the Umanglai Haraoba Laithou Kanglon in Manipur and outside the state.

The Lup also requested everyone to support and cooperate in preserving and promoting the unique identity and traditional rituals of Lai Haraoba. Maiba, Maibi, Pena, and musicians must stay away from events or ceremonies which are not relevant to the Meetei Umanglai Haraoba rituals.

Lastly, Eenat Yokkhat Lup sought support from everyone to preserve and promote the unique traditional rituals of the Meetei society for the welfare and prosperity of the State. The stakeholders of Umanglai Haraoba- Maiba, Maibi, and Pena performers must observe and follow the strict rules of the Umanglai Haraoba ceremony.

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