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Empower State Forces to Protect Manipur – K Meghachandra

Manipur Congress demanded to empower State Forces

Manipur Congress demanded to empower State Forces.

Imphal/ August 06, 2023 (SPN) | MPCC President K Meghachandra stressed the need to empower the State forces to take more proactive measures to protect the State.

In a press statement at Imphal on Saturday, Meghachandra strongly condemned the recent killing of three Meitei civilians, including a father-son duo, by Kuki militants in Bishnupur district.

Despite the passage of three months, the attacks on innocent civilians have not abated, raising serious doubts about the government’s ability to restore peace. The Congress party has lost faith in the current administration’s capacity to effectively address the crisis.

Meghachandra emphasized the urgency of close coordination between the State police and Central security forces to quell violence and restore a sense of security.

However, the lack of such coordination is evident, as State police personnel were prevented from reaching the incident site by the Assam Rifles.

Meghachandra also demanded a thorough investigation to uncover the reasons behind the lack of coordination between the forces.

The Congress President has expressed deep concern over the escalating tension between the Meiteis and the Kukis, which has not only persisted but worsened over the past three months.

Former Speaker and Congress MLA Th Lokeshwar echoed Meghachandra’s concerns. He criticized the State Government’s perceived inaction in ending the ongoing crisis.

Despite the willingness of all five Congress MLAs to support government resolutions for the State’s integrity, the government’s response has been inadequate.

Lokeshwar further criticized the delay in convening an emergency session of the Assembly, pointing out that the scheduled sitting on August 21 is too late given the severity of the situation. He questioned the government’s commitment to addressing the crisis effectively.

The Congress MLA emphasized that the State forces possess the capability to deal with the Kuki militants and called on the State Government to deploy them strategically to ensure the safety and security of the region.

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