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From Red Carpets to Meditation Mats: Celebrities’ Approaches to Mental Health

Last Updated on September 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

In a world where the glitz and glamour of fame often overshadow the struggles that lie beneath the surface, the mental health of celebrities, artists, and influencers has come under intense scrutiny. The journey from red carpets to meditation mats has become a metaphor for the unexpected actions and trauma that many public figures face, leading to threats and repercussions that affect their daily lives.

In this article, we will explore how the quest for power and success, coupled with the relentless presence of social media trolls and the influence of public opinion, can take a severe toll on the mental health of artists and influencers.

The Power of Money and Influence

In today’s world, wealth and influence wield significant power and influence. Celebrities, as the embodiment of these attributes, often find themselves ensnared in the relentless pursuit of validation and approval. This search extends far beyond their dedicated fan base and encompasses the demanding expectations of the entertainment industry and the ever-watchful eye of the media.

The irresistible allure of success, coupled with the promises of financial abundance and societal recognition, can lure them down a precarious path. The unceasing pressure to maintain their exalted status and pristine reputation becomes an all-encompassing burden that, over time, corrodes their mental and emotional well-being.

In this complex dynamic, the weight of celebrity status can have profound and lasting effects. The perpetual need for affirmation, mixed with the ongoing quest for higher levels of achievement, can take a severe toll on their psychological resilience.

This continuous strain to meet the expectations of not just their fans but also industry gatekeepers and media magnifies the emotional challenges they face. The erosion of their mental well-being can be gradual but profound, ultimately impacting their overall quality of life in profound ways.

Social Media Trolls and the Impact of Public Opinion

The rise of social media has created an environment where celebrities are under constant scrutiny. Online platforms have given a voice to millions, and unfortunately, many use that voice to engage in cyberbullying and harassment. Trolls, hiding behind screens, unleash a torrent of negativity, judgment, and hatred. For artists and influencers, these toxic comments can be overwhelming, pushing them to the brink of despair.

The ubiquitous “likes” and “dislikes” on social media posts have become barometers of popularity and success.

Celebrities often find themselves measuring their self-worth by the numbers on their screens. Negative comments and reactions can deeply affect their self-esteem and mental health. The weight of public opinion becomes a heavy burden to bear.

The Struggle and Survival

Navigating the treacherous waters of fame and fortune is a monumental challenge. While some artists and influencers manage to weather the storms and emerge stronger, others tragically fall victim to their inner demons. Prominent examples from various industries, including Bollywood, K-pop, K-drama, and Hollywood, serve as stark reminders of the toll that fame can take on one’s mental health.

For instance, Bollywood saw the tragic loss of Sushant Singh Rajput, a talented actor who struggled with depression in the face of immense public scrutiny. In the K-pop world, the pressures of perfection have led several artists to severe mental health issues, including Jong-Hyun of SHINee, who took his own life.

The recent rise of K-drama actors and their global popularity has also shone a spotlight on the mental health challenges they face, with some taking hiatuses to focus on their well-being. In Hollywood, the tragic loss of Robin Williams shocked the world, highlighting that even the brightest stars can be engulfed by darkness.

Soma Laishram: A Voice for Manipur Faces Unjust Ban

Soma Laishram, a prominent influencer and talented Manipuri artist, recently took the spotlight as a showstopper at a fashion show organized by the NGO My Home India in New Delhi on 16 September. Her walk not only showcased the exquisite cultural attire of the North East but also served as a platform for her to raise her voice about the ongoing conflicts in Manipur and the unfortunate consequences faced by its people.

Soma’s courageous act of using her moment in the limelight to draw attention to pressing issues demonstrated her unwavering commitment to her homeland and its people. Her actions went beyond the catwalk, transcending the boundaries of fashion and entertainment, and into the realm of social responsibility.

However, what followed was both shocking and disappointing. The very next day, an organization known as Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL) from Manipur issued a notice banning Soma Laishram from working in films for the next three years. Such a harsh and seemingly disproportionate ban raises concerns and leaves many puzzled.

The notice from KKL has been widely criticized for its lack of sensibility. It fails to take into account the positive impact that influencers like Soma can have on society. Soma Laishram has consistently demonstrated her strength as an influencer by speaking up about various issues plaguing Manipur.

Her advocacy and willingness to engage with important problems have made her an influential figure not only in the entertainment industry but also as a beacon of hope for the people of Manipur.

As a wellness professional, I, DeepikaMayanglambam strongly condemn the notice issued by Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL) and urge them, as well as other similar organizations and individuals, to reconsider their stance. Harsh bans like this only serve to stifle the voices of those who can contribute positively to society.

It is essential that we recognize the vital role that artists and influencers play in raising awareness and advocating for change.

Soma Laishram’s voice is an essential one, and we should empower her to continue her valuable work. Instead of punitive measures, let us engage in constructive dialogues that address the concerns of all parties involved. Soma’s dedication to her community and her courage to stand up for what is right should be celebrated and supported.

In the face of adversity, we stand with Soma Laishram, and we believe in the power of her advocacy to bring about positive change for Manipur. It is time to give more power to voices like hers that can make a real difference.

Creating a Safe Space

In a world where social media has amplified the voices of fans and critics alike, it’s high time for netizens and fans to think before they comment online. Recognizing that the words they type can have real-life consequences is the first step towards creating a safer digital environment.

Moreover, the entertainment industry itself must play a role in promoting mental health awareness and support. Celebrities should be encouraged to seek help when needed and not stigmatized for their vulnerabilities. Creating safe spaces for artists and influencers to openly discuss their mental health challenges and access the necessary resources is essential.

Ultimately, the journey from red carpets to meditation mats should be one of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Let us remember that behind the fame and fortune, these individuals are human beings with emotions and struggles.

It’s time for society to extend a hand of empathy and support, ensuring that our beloved artists and influencers can thrive not just in their careers, but in their lives as well.

*Deepika Mayanglambam is a Wellness Professional and founder of Freedom From Mental Illness (FFMI). She is a recipient of “Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Memorial Award” from the OBC commission, Govt of NCT Delhi. She can be reached at speak2ffmi@gmail.com