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John Wick Chapter 5: Blockbuster Success of Chapter 4 Made it Possible

John Wick Chapter 5

John Wick Chapter 5 coming after the success of 4th installment.

The latest release of the John Wick franchise, Chapter 4, has taken the world by storm once again with its explosive action and entertainment. John Wick 4 directed by Chad Stahelski and starring Keanu Reeves as the iconic assassin has become a blockbuster success, paving way for John Wick Chapter 5.

Despite initial plans for this to be the final installment, the incredible opening at the global box office has caused Lionsgate motion picture group chair Joe Drake to reconsider, paving the way for a fifth installment, John Wick Chapter 5.

As expected by the fans and critics, the latest theatrical release of John Wick 4 in the United States was a resounding triumph, amassing an incredible $73.8 million in its first weekend itself.

John Wick Chapter 5 coming after the success of 4th installment.

This extraordinary box office performance highlights the immense popularity of the film among audiences.

This remarkable figure places the film as the second-highest-grossing opening weekend in the career of Keanu Reeves, behind only his record-setting earnings for The Matrix Reloaded in 2003.

However, Keanu Reeves lent his voice to Pixar’s Toy Story 4, which earned $121 million in its opening weekend domestically in 2019, on the animated front.

The film’s performance overseas was equally remarkable, debuting at $67.6 million from 71 markets for a total global start of $141.4 million, setting a series record on all fronts.

The franchise’s popularity and reputation for delivering top-notch action and entertainment make the success of John Wick 4 unsurprising. Fans of the series have eagerly anticipated the latest installment and they were not disappointed.

Despite the film’s conclusive ending, Lionsgate motion picture group chair Joe Drake has expressed his openness to a fifth installment, noting that there is a will and an openness to explore the idea.

However, protecting the legacy of the franchise and not disappointing fans are the main challenges facing the creative team behind John Wick.

Keanu Reeves is committed to doing justice to his beloved role, aware of the massive fan base behind the character.

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