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Khenchanglon Loisang inaugurated by LSTB

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board (LSTB) organized the inaugural program of Khenchanglon Loisang, a new office for discussing important societal aspects and analyzing Kuthi (astrological birth charts) yesterday.

The program also included the release of the Meetei annual calendar and greeting cards for Sajibu Cheiraoba. The event was graced by several prominent personalities, including LSTB vice-president Vidyapati Senjam, Member Secretary Maisnam Shivadutta Luwang, and Senior member Keisam Ibomcha, among others.

The primary objective of Khenchanglon Loisang is to provide a platform for analyzing and discussing the crucial issues affecting society and analyzing astrological birth charts.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Maisnam Shivadutta Luwang emphasized that the new space would offer an opportunity to translate astrological birth charts written in Bengali to Meetei Mayek.

Thongbam Premjit has been appointed as the Sanglakpa of Khenchanglon Loisang, while Konsam Jiten will serve as the Sanglakpa Hanjaba.

Khenchanglon Loisang
Release of Meetei calendar during the inaugural function.

Khenchanglon Loisang offers a new space for discussing critical societal aspects and analyzing Kuthi with a focus on Meetei Mayek. The newly established office is set to provide a much-needed platform for in-depth discussions and analysis of the issues that affect society.