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Laishram Deviya Gets Help From Manipuri Girl in China

Laishram Deviya Gets Help From Manipuri Girl from China.

Laishram Deviya Gets Help From Manipuri Girl from China.

An 11-year-old girl, Laishram Deviya who was admitted to the JNIMS hospital in Imphal for Kidney Transplant gets help from a Manipuri girl staying in China. Deviya is undergoing treatment at JNIMS Hospital, specifically in the female medicine ward on the 4th floor, Bed No. 27.

Deviya had been battling kidney failure since May 3, which required immediate medical attention. Her house was also burnt down by Chin Kuki Narco terrorists during the start of Manipur violence. A kind-hearted girl named Abonliu Chawang, who is staying in China has donated Rs 10,000 in support of her treatment. JNIMS Relief Committee thanked the generous Manipuri girl for coming forward and supporting Deviya.

JNIMS Relief Committee informed the media seeking help from kind-hearted people to come forward and contribute towards the medical expenses of this transplant and support Deviya’s journey towards recovery. You can donate through GPay. The account details are as follows: Account number 8132827565, registered under the name Laishram Sanathoi, mother of Deviya.

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