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Regie.Ai Launched Sales Auto-Pilot

Regie.Ai Launched Sales Auto-Pilot

Regie.Ai Launched Sales Auto-Pilot., a trailblazer in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) for B2B applications, has officially launched Sales Auto-Pilot, an innovative add-on to their AI-driven prospecting platform. This groundbreaking technology, now available to the market, is poised to redefine the landscape of prospecting, offering a more streamlined approach for businesses and an enhanced experience for buyers.

In the contemporary landscape, enterprise sales teams often grapple with time-consuming and error-prone prospecting, necessitating significant manpower and technological resources. aims to revolutionize this paradigm with the introduction of Sales Auto-Pilot. By seamlessly combining the capabilities of Generative AI with business-specific data and buyer insights, Sales Auto-Pilot automates prospecting tasks with continuous precision.

Utilizing Auto-Pilot Agents, businesses can autonomously build targeted lead lists, craft relevant messaging, and execute omnichannel tasks. This not only streamlines prospecting operations but also liberates sales teams to focus on higher-value tasks. Notably, the adaptive nature of the Agents ensures accelerated interactions with prospects only when positive intent signals are detected.

Srinath Sridhar, CEO of, highlighted the significance of AI in addressing challenges faced by businesses amid economic uncertainties and talent shortages. He emphasized how’s Generative AI platform, tailored for go-to-market (GTM) teams, empowers enterprises such as AT&T, Crunchbase, Upwork, Asana, and more, offering time and cost savings while enabling strategic activities.

Following rigorous Beta testing, Sales Auto-Pilot garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, with customers reporting measurable improvements in core business metrics upon integrating Auto-Pilot Agents into their sales workflows.

The user-friendly Auto-Pilot interface requires minimal technical expertise, facilitating a seamless transition for businesses aiming to promptly establish outbound sales programs. The system’s versatility makes it adaptable to various industries, with common use cases including cold outbound on unworked leads, inbound lead response, customer expansion, and more.

Sales Auto-Pilot not only replaces legacy human-reliant prospecting but also provides a comprehensive, coordinated, and fully autonomous solution. The AI-powered Sales Agents offer several benefits across GTM teams, from providing sales managers with a scalable lever for booking meetings to ensuring sales reps engage with leads showing genuine interest.

Jessica Arnold, VP Global Sales Development at Amplitude and a customer attested to the value of Generative AI as a powerful ally for delivering real value to customers, businesses, and brand. To commence their Auto-Pilot journey, customers can seamlessly integrate their CRM into the platform, transforming cold outbound efforts into warm lead follow-ups.

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