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RPF President Irengbam Chaoren passes away

President Irengbam Chaoren

RPF President Irengbam Chaoren passed away due to illness.

The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) President Irengbam Chaoren passed away due to a Terminal Brain Tumor on February 10, 2023, around 10.30 MST in Myanmar.

A press statement from Roben Khuman, Deputy Secretary, Publicity of the Revolutionary People’s Front informed the media that the late Irengbam Chaoren was a leader of the RPF from 1990 onwards. He was also the convenor of CorCom.

The party will condole and mourn the sudden demise of RPF President Irengbam Chaoren from the 10th to the 24th of February. The party flags at the office and battalions will be put at half past during the mourning as a sign of respect to the departed soul.

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