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Savate Association Manipur congratulates 4 masters

Savate Association Manipur

Savate Association Manipur invites clubs interested to promote the game.

A press release from Savate Association Manipur (SAM)’s General Secretary Dr. Nongmaithem Ramchandra congratulates 4 Manipuri who have achieved the National Savate Referee/Judges and National Savate Coach Diploma.

Master Ch Premchandra, Dr. Naorem Ibohal Meetei, Khangembam Chingkheinganba Meitei, and Oinam Suresh have been congratulated by the Savate Association Manipur for their achievements. The SAM also express gratitude that the game will be promoted and several players will be produced by them.

Savate is a new game to Manipur, however, it was seen in the 1928 Summer Olympic Games as French Boxing. Savate is a French National Martial art, which is commonly known as French Boxing. It is a French version of Thai Kick Boxing.

Savate is also known as French Boxing.

Savate is a unique combat sport that was originally created as a street fighting technique. Savate is a worthy competitor to other martial arts.

In India, Savate is popular among the School games federation of India and in the University Games. The Savate Association Manipur is hoping that the four teachers will surely help to promote and popularise Savate in Manipur.

There will be a coaching camp in Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal, and Bishnupur district to select Savate players from Manipur for the National Federation Cup 2023 (Assault & Combat), First National Savate (Canne De Combat/Forme) Championship 2023 which will be held in Chandigarh from May 20 to 22, 2023.

The Savate Association of Manipur also invites interested clubs, Gym, Schools, and districts to affiliate themselves with the Savate Association Manipur (SAM) for promoting the games in the State.

The press release also provides the following contact number 7085934320/9774176292/9910423834 for further details.

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