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Sinhenba Thouram held at MEEHULS

Sinhenba thouram

Sinhenba thouram in MEEHULS.

A commemoration called Sinhenba Thouram was observed at the Meetei Eenatki Huyen Langlon Shindam Shanglen (MEEHULS), Khongman Okram Chuthek on the 23rd of March in 2023 at approximately 3 PM. The thouram concludes on the second lunar day of Sajibu in accordance with the Meetei era.

The purpose of organizing Sinhenba Thouram is to maintain the traditions and culture of our ancestors in this land.

The occasion signifies the commencement of a new year, where individuals worship the tools that are essential for the continuation of human existence.

For instance, wooden ploughs (sanpot khoinaba langol) and yokes (potpu) are used in agriculture, while martial arts practitioners worship and prepare spears and swords (Thang Ta) for the coming years.

According to belief, Sinhenba Thouram is observed one day after the Sajibu Cheiraoba so that these tools may aid in preserving the survival of the human race.

A press release by Secretary O Wangngamba Meetei of MEEHULS has also stated that both educators and students participated in the Sinhenba Thouram event.

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