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Tesla Set to Manufacture EV Car Priced at $25000 in Germany, Mexico and the US

Last Updated on June 30, 2024 by SPN Editor

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently had the opportunity to tour the Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg facility located in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany. During this visit, in addition to discussing interior design concepts, Musk provided insights into the plant’s future role in producing Tesla’s forthcoming, affordable EV car priced at $25000.

Musk’s announcement, shared via the Gigafactory Berlin News channel on Twitter/X, revealed that the anticipated €25,000 electric car ( EV car priced at $25000 in the US) will be manufactured in Berlin. Various Tesla-focused websites, including Teslarati and Torque News, have reported this development as highly probable.

During his visit, Musk expressed his admiration for the factory team and commended the facility responsible for producing the Tesla Model Y for the European market. Additionally, he disclosed plans to embellish the entire factory with art. Although some graffiti is already present, this is just the beginning of the facility’s decorative transformation.

Tesla’s next-generation model envisioned as an affordable electric car and an autonomous Robotaxi counterpart, was initially designated for production at the forthcoming Giga Mexico plant. However, indications suggest that this vehicle might undergo development and initial production in Texas.

Described by Musk as “much more conventional” than the Tesla Cybertruck, the affordable Tesla EV is anticipated to be stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. The production volume is expected to be substantial, potentially reaching millions of units annually.

Considering the production of the EV Car priced at $25000 in Mexico and its €25,000 counterpart in Europe, this strategic move makes logical sense. There is also the possibility of establishing production in another facility, potentially in China or elsewhere in Asia.

Nonetheless, the launch of this new model is likely to be a few years away, as Tesla must first complete development and construct new manufacturing facilities employing a revolutionary cost-cutting manufacturing process.

As reported by Electrek, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, conveyed the company’s intention to initiate production of the $25000 model in 2023. However, further substantiation of this claim could not be located. The same report also indicates that the upcoming Giga Mexico plant is designated for the high-volume production of the next-generation model.

In parallel, the refreshed Model S is slated for release in 2025 as either a 2025 or a 2026 model.

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