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The Signpost News cannot be intimidated into submission

Threatening message to Signpost news editor

Some people have been calling the contact number of Signpost News available on our website and using the photo of the editor to spread information that is completely false. Some have gone to the extent of sending threatening messages for the publication of an article titled “Let us not fall into the trap of Mark Haokip and his accomplices” written by one Thangboi Zou.

Demeaning post on Social Media about Signpost News Editor

Signpost does not see anything objectionable in the article and we have also informed publicly that we will protect the writer’s identity. Many from Churachandpur agreed with the article while they are afraid to express their views in public. The stand of Signpost News has been vindicated by the reactions and messages that are tantamount to intimidation of the Article contributor.

Warning Message to Editor of Signpost News

We request those sending threatening messages to stop all acts of intimidation. They are welcome to send articles rebutting the said article so that we may publish. If the threat continues we may be forced to disclose the phone numbers from which the threatening messages are sent.

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