Manipur has three Open Gym for the public- One each in Imphal West, Imphal East and Senapati districts.

SP NewsDesk

People are enjoying the new gift from N Biren government in Manipur.

War on Drugs will be a huge success if people support the Open Gym concept.

CM Biren said Manipur needs healthy and strong future generations to serve the Nation.

Opening of such Open Gym at public places will reduce the menace of drugs among the teenagers in the State.

The Open Gym at Cheiraoching in Imphal West as a splendid view of the Imphal Capital.

These open gyms were installed under the Chief Minister’s Indigenous Martial Arts Akademi, Manipur with the support of govt.

Security personnel will be deployed to guard the Open Gym at Cheirao Ching and to check on damage and robbery of equipment.