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Yelhou Ngamee Lup releases fingerlings in Thoubal

yelhou ngamee lup

Yelhou Ngamee Lup releases fingerlings.

Laishram Tomba Singh, president of Yelhou Ngamee Lup, issued a press statement emphasizing the importance of fish rearing in the state.

Thoiba claims that the import of fish from outside the state costs Manipur a lot of money every year. Furthermore, imported fish frequently contains harmful chemicals and preservatives that endanger consumer health.

The Lup emphasized the importance of promoting fresh fish in the state in the near future by encouraging more fish farmers and ponds. The Lup’s goal is to provide enough fish to the people of Manipur.

Yelhou Ngamee Lup promotes fish production in the State.

The president of Yelhou Ngamee Lup stated that on February 25, 2023, the Lup released fingerlings in the Thoubal area.

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