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25 Ukraine Civilians Killed in Russian Missile Attacks

Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

Kyiv (SPN) | Russia’s ongoing aggression towards Ukraine has resulted in yet another catastrophic onslaught, leading to the loss of life for a minimum of 25 people and causing grievous harm to numerous others due to Russian Missile Attacks.

According to Ukrainian authorities, the attackers fired over 20 cruise missiles and deployed two explosive drones to obliterate residential quarters, leaving devastation and claiming the lives of innocent civilians.

Recently, Uman City bore the brunt of the carnage, where two missiles struck an apartment complex, resulting in the death of 23 people. Among the casualties were two youngsters aged ten, a toddler, and a woman.

The attack has shattered families and thrown into sharp relief the inhumanity of Russia’s offenses against Ukraine.

Dnipro residents likewise experienced the deadly impact of the missile barrage, with a 3-year-old girl and a woman succumbing to their wounds.

Russian troops persist in firing indiscriminately into non-military zones such as Uman and Nikopol, in clear violation of international humanitarian law and possibly constituting war crimes.

Anton Gerashchenko, who is the advisor of the Ukrainian government, has exposed that “Russia is still causing terror to the civil population.” The situation in Ukraine is a pressing concern, and immediate action from the international community is required to ensure the security and welfare of the Ukrainian people.

As the tension between Russia and Ukraine began, the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv was subjected to a violent assault for the first time in 60 days.

However, the country’s air defenses successfully intercepted and downed 11 missiles and two drones, preventing casualties. The Ukrainian government has worked tirelessly to improve its defense systems and shield its citizens from further harm.

Matilda Bogner, the chief of the United Nations human rights mission in Ukraine, has underscored that each civilian casualty of Russian Missile Attacks might be deemed a potential war crime.

Bogner also mentioned that the global community must take measures to hold Russia accountable for its behavior and guarantee that justice is served.

The persistent crisis in Ukraine has left civilians perpetually gripped with fear for their lives, and Russia’s aggression must be brought to a halt. The international community must furnish Ukraine with aid and support to ensure that its citizens are safeguarded from harm.

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