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Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Chingoi Irupa thouram, a long-standing tradition, is observed by Uttra Shanglen Sana Konung today. This year, the auspicious event takes place on the 28th day of the Meitei lunar month Lamta, which happens to fall on a Sunday.

The ceremony, which is performed in honor of Selloi Petanga, also known as the goddess of Meitei Yumjao Lairembi, involved the offering of flowers and other rituals at the Chingoi river located at Selloi Langmaiching (Nongmaiching hills).

The Rajya Sabha MP Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba led the ceremony, with the revered figures of Nongpok Ningthou and Ima Panthoibi also receiving worship. Other notable attendees included Angom Ningthou, Laifam Lakpa, Langjing Purel, Wangkhei Rakpa, Khabam Lakpa, Khwai Lakpa, Maichou, Pena performer, and Amaibi, among others.

Apart from the ceremony, social service was also conducted at the Kongba Maru, the starting point of the Kongba river, under the guidance of Sana Konung and UKAL. The press statement from Publicity Sana Konung, Laishram Poireiton, emphasized the significance of this event.

Chingoi Irupa thouram
Chingoi Irupa thouram at Selloi Langmai ching.

The Chingoi Irupa thouram holds immense cultural and historical importance among the Meitei people, and the Uttra Shanglen Sana Konung’s observance of this tradition reaffirms their commitment to preserving and promoting their rich heritage.