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COCOMI Demands Clarification from National Media

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ July 20, 2023 (SPN) | The Committee of Civil Organisations of Manipur (COCOMI) has expressed strong condemnation of the irresponsible and unethical reporting by certain Indian national media houses regarding the recent incident in Manipur.

The incident involved the parading of two women naked in a remote village and was wrongly reported as a gang rape by some media outlets.

Recently, The Wire conducted an interview with the two victim ladies seen in the viral video clips. One of the survivors clarified that no gang rape took place. She stated, “We were not raped by them – they just took off our clothes and touched our bodies.” This testimony contradicts the initial complaint and FIR, which alleged gang rape of one woman.

COCOMI finds it deeply shocking that many national media TV channels have grossly spread the VDO clips with charges of “Paraded Naked” and “GANG RAPED” without verifying the facts.

The victim’s testimonies now raise questions about the credibility of these media outlets and their reporting. The misinformation and exaggeration have damaged the reputation of COCOMI and the entire Meitei society, especially among Manipuri women.

In response, COCOMI strongly condemn the false and exaggerated reporting and misleading the world against Meitei society and demand IMMEDIATE CLARIFICATION from all the TV Channels who reported the VDO Clips with charges of being Gangraped after the Nude parade within next 24 hrs.

COCOMI strongly condemn the barbaric and uncivilized act of violence on two ladies parading naked in broad day light at a remote village in Manipur. The entire people across the state and nation are in deep shock.

COCOMI team, with all its might is trying all possible means to hunt down the culprit where ever they are. The action is committed by few sicked criminal perpetrators. The entire Meitei society is in deep shame and anguish over the VDO Clip which is being shown to various national tv news channel across the nation.

COCOMI firmly believes that all those involve in the barbaric act will not be spared by the Meetei community in any ways and befitting punishment will surely be given to everyone involved in the crime.

On the sideline of this recent development due to a VDO Clip from 75 days ago, COCOMI appeals to various national media houses who are trying to justify the entire crisis of Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist aggression by one VDO clips which could only divert the complex issue and helped in demonizing the Meitei society as a whole.

There are several incidents since the beginning of 3rd May 2023 which COCOMI considers it barbaric and inhumane, however COCOMI always tried to avoid any incidents which could affect the modesty and dignity of the victim and their families and relatives and friends.

The intent to avoid spreading reports of such sensitive VDOs in public domain during such moment of crisis is very unnecessary which certain vested interest groups won’t mind in spreading it.

Several leaders including the Chief Minister N Biren and Power Minister Thongam Biswajit have strongly condemned the incident.

CM N Biren tweeted, “My hearts go out to the two women who were subjected to a deeply disrespectful and inhumane act, as shown in the distressing video that surfaced yesterday. After taking a Suo-moto cognisance of the incident immediately after the video surfaced, the Manipur Police swung to action and made the first arrest this morning.  A thorough investigation is currently underway and we will ensure strict action is taken against all the perpetrators, including considering the possibility of capital punishment. Let it be known, there is absolutely no place for such heinous acts in our society.”

Thongam Biswajit also condemned the incident and tweeted mentioning about the Capital punishment.

“The video surfaced recently showing the mistreatment and abuse of two women, has left me feeling incredibly disturbed and disgusted. First arrest has already been made in this matter and other culprits will also be arrested soon. Manipur State Government will ensure strict action including considering the Capital punishment against the perpetrators involved in this heinous crime. It is crucial that justice is served to ensure that such crime is never repeated.”

Further, COCOMI appeals to national media houses to exercise responsibility in their reporting. The ongoing conflict in Manipur is a complex issue involving various communities, and selective reporting on the violence is a concern for the committee.

COCOMI emphasizes the need for accurate and unbiased reporting to contribute to resolving the crisis instead of fueling hatred among communities.

On 30th June 2023, at around 4pm in Moirang area of Bishnupur District, large number of women protestors were beaten black and blue, even manhandled by Indian Army personnel without the presence of any female security personnel.

The same incident was reported in all the state tv channels and print media but no national media including those who are spreading the recent VDO clips from 75 days ago avoided reporting the incident till today.

Reporters who visited Churachandpur seldom visited or not allowed to visit the completely destroyed 14 Meitei Villages and colonies which was totally destroyed and looted by the Narco-Terrorist Kukis.

As the ongoing violence has committed so many inhumane acts in both sides, responsible Media houses both at the state and national level must contribute in resolving the violence rather than igniting hatred among the communities.

COCOMI expect some responsible reporting in future from our national media houses.