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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Constructive criticism must be the medium to oppose new policies of the government. Rather, we see the agitations and protest to destabilize the Biren govt at the behest of opposition parties.

The deferment of college election by the Education Department is in the interest of student communities and to bring peace and tranquility to the State.

The legalization of the sale and brewing of alcohol in the State has been appreciated by the majority of the people and the door for a strict and more people-friendly Manipur Liquor Law is the need of the hour.

Instead of lending support and welcoming the policies of the government, the tendency to oppose, shout and stand against every move of the ruling is unnecessarily hindering the development of the State.

When hundred people oppose the policy, it must be remembered that other thousands are welcoming the move. In a democracy, we all have rights, but misusing those rights is not a birthright. Don’t call the government a Dictatorship when we destroy the democratic ideology in our approach.

The government is run by the people, so policies and schemes are also for the benefit of the people only. Those protests and agitations turn into mockery when there are no valid reasons to defend their actions. Let us free ourselves from the mindset that whatever govt do, we will oppose.

This rich image is found in Google SERP when users searched for CSO against Biren govt
Nupi Samaj giving an ultimatum to Biren govt to revoke liquor legalization

Seven years old Biren-led government is on right track. The hills are happy, development has reached the remotest places of borders, and the hills will be tasting the fruits of “Go to Hills” in terms of good roads, modern market sheds, state-of-the-art healthcare, empowering the people, and more autonomy to the common people.

In Biren 1.0, we got Inner Line Permit System, the mechanism to check the illegal influxes is in due process. The Startup and Stand Up scheme has churned out thousands of entrepreneurs from the State, irrespective of the have and have nots which was not acknowledged by previous governments.

The Super IAS 500 program, a Chief Minister’s scholarship scheme for eligible and outstanding IAS aspirants in Manipur is a boon for our students.

Then we have the Chief Minister gi Hakshel gi Tengbang (CMHT) card which benefits several patients in the treatment. State athletes got a patron with CM N Biren encouraging players with rewards and suitable government jobs. Even the unsung warriors of the State got due recognition from the Biren govt.

With the coming of Biren 2.0, War on Drugs is in full swing and the people have been protected from Drug smugglers and poppy cultivators.

The State is experiencing transformative changes within a short period. Even several militant outfits have joined the mainstream, trusting the Biren govt. All these are roadmaps for a developed Manipur.

The recruitment results for various jobs are waiting to be declared soon. The policy of protecting the cultural heritage of different ethnic communities, and promoting languages, and history is worth commendable. The protection of religious sites and tribal identities through museums and scholarships in the name of tribal freedom fighters like Rani Gaidinliu is introduced.

When the majority of the people are happy and satisfied with the Biren govt, is it necessary to always stand against him and his policies?

This government is for the people. Trusting and supporting the government is also a responsibility of the people.