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Dunki will Complete Hat Trick of SRK in the Box Office

Last Updated on December 22, 2023 by SPN Editor

“Dunki”, the first-ever collaboration between superstar Shah Rukh Khan and renowned director Rajkumar Hirani, has now hit the theatres. As anticipated, it had a decent opening at the box office on Thursday. However, it didn’t receive the expected response from the audience and performed lower than Hirani’s previous film “Sanju” (34.75 crores).

On its opening day, “Dunki” started well in the morning and sustained the momentum throughout the day. It ended up grossing 30.66 crores net at the domestic box office. This makes it the 7th-best opening of the year in Hindi Cinema, following “Jawan” (65.50 crores), “Pathaan” (55 crores), “Animal” (54.75 crores), “Tiger 3” (43 crores), “Gadar 2” (40.10 crores), and “Adipurush” (37.25 crores).

With a respectable opening, “Dunki” has become Shah Rukh Khan’s 5th highest opening film, following “Chennai Express” (33.12 crores). The film performed well in metropolitan areas but didn’t quite meet expectations in mass centers. Intriguingly, Prabhas’ highly anticipated action-thriller “Salaar” is set to release on Friday and is predicted to dominate the single screens.

Questioning whether Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki” will complete a hat trick after “Pathaan” and “Jawan” seems unnecessary given the actor’s proven capabilities. After a four-year hiatus, the “King Khan” made a triumphant return with “Pathaan” (where he played a globe-trotting spy) and “Jawan” (a gritty vigilante), and now he’s portraying a relatable best friend in “Dunki”. The previous two films shattered several box office records, indeed creating a new era for Bollywood.

The 100 crore club is a thing of the past; now, it’s about the 1000 crore clubs. “Dunki”, the latest movie from Shah Rukh Khan, is a sensible film that tells a relatable story about the dreams of overseas employment. It stands apart from the action-packed masala movies “Pathaan” and “Jawan”. While “Dunki” may not create the same magic as “Jawaan”, it’s predicted to surpass “Pathaan” in terms of box office collection, continuing to break records.

The film isn’t competing with “Salaar” or “Animal”, but rather with itself to break its record. There’s little doubt that Shah Rukh Khan will complete the hat trick. Moreover, when discussing the director, Raj Kumar Hirani, “Dunki” is his film. With a film from Hirani, who has given us hits like “3 Idiots”, “PK”, “Munna Bhai MBBS”, and “Sanju”, there’s no need to worry about the film’s fate at the box office.

“Dunki” is not just a Shah Rukh Khan film, but a creation from one of Bollywood’s finest directors.

Top five films of Dunki Director, Rajkumar Hirani

The top five films of Rajkumar Hirani which creates box office records are as follows:

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003): This comedy-drama film is considered a classic in Indian cinema. Its heartwarming story and memorable performances led to a total gross of 23.13 Cr in India.

Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006): This film, a sequel to Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., is a comedy-drama romance that continues the story of the beloved character Munna Bhai. It grossed $2.22 million internationally and was praised for its inspiring narrative.

3 Idiots (2009): This film is a comedy-drama that has made a significant impact on Indian cinema. It grossed a substantial $6.53 million internationally. In India, it achieved a total gross of 202.95 Cr, demonstrating its immense popularity and the resonance of its message with the audience.

PK was directed by Dunki Director, Rajkumar Hirani.

PK (2014): This is a unique blend of comedy, drama, and science fiction, and is another masterpiece from the director Rajkumar Hirani. The film’s international gross was $10.62 million. In India, it amassed a total gross of Rs 340.8 Cr, reflecting its widespread appeal.

Sanju (2018): This biographical comedy-drama film is a meticulous portrayal of the life of Indian actor Sanjay Dutt. It grossed $7.91 million internationally. In India, it achieved a total gross of 342.53 Cr, indicating its commercial success and the audience’s appreciation for the film.

Box Office Records for Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan

“Pathaan” was released on January 25 and it quickly became a sensation in India, earning a whopping Rs 543.09 crore across all languages. This is a testament to the film’s widespread appeal and the star power of Shah Rukh Khan. The film didn’t just do well domestically, it was a global success. It grossed an impressive Rs 1050.05 crore worldwide, showcasing the international popularity of Bollywood films.

The film had the biggest-ever opening day for a Hindi-language release, setting a new benchmark for future films. “Pathaan” made history by becoming the first Bollywood movie to gross more than Rs 100 crore globally on its opening day. This record-breaking performance speaks volumes about the anticipation and excitement surrounding the film.

The film delivered the biggest international debut for a Bollywood movie in history, further solidifying Shah Rukh Khan’s status as a global superstar. The film was given the widest-ever release for a Hindi movie on January 25, and it immediately started breaking box office records, demonstrating the film’s immense popularity.

On its first day of release in India, “Pathaan” made Rs 55 crore from the Hindi versions alone, indicating the film’s strong start at the box office. The film continued its strong performance on day two, which was Republic Day, making Rs 68 crore. Even before its second weekend, the film has crossed the Rs 650 crore mark globally, showing its sustained appeal to audiences.

Box Office Records of SRK’s Jawan

“Jawan” has emerged as the second-largest Hindi-language blockbuster in the history of the global box office, amassing a worldwide gross of Rs 1,125 crore ($136 million). The film broke several records, including the largest opening day, opening weekend, and opening week collections. It also became the first Hindi film to cross the Rs 600 crore ($72 million) mark in India.

Although “Jawan” is often categorized as a Bollywood film, it ranks as the fifth-largest Indian film overall, trailing behind films in other regional languages such as Kannada and Telugu. To broaden its appeal, the film was also released in dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions.

The worldwide collection was approximately Rs 1160 Cr. Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawaan” has made a significant impact at the box office, breaking several records: It set a new record for bookings for a Hindi film, with global bookings reaching a substantial Rs 45 crore.

It became only the second Bollywood film to exceed the one-million mark in advance ticket sales. “Jawan” established a new record for the highest worldwide opening for a Bollywood film, projected to earn over Rs 50 crore on the first day in international markets.

It also paved the way for an impressive Rs 140 crore worldwide box office total. The film recorded the highest opening day collection for a Hindi film at the box office, earning an estimated Rs 73 crore net and a remarkable Rs 84.50 crore gross at the all-India box office. It had the highest opening for a Hindi film in the USA, collecting $628,729 from just around 570 locations. The film was forecasted to have a substantial Rs 400 crore opening weekend.

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