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Femina Miss India 2023 Runner-up Strela Thounaojam Denounces Fake Twitter Account Spreading Hate Speech

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal (SPN) | Strela Thounaojam, the first runner-up of Femina Miss India 2023, held a press meet at the Manipur Press Club to address the issue of a fake Twitter account created in her name yesterday.

She clarified that she has not been an active user of Twitter and that the account was created in February of this year solely in the name of “Luwang Strela” to enter for the Miss Multimedia sub-title of Femina Miss India 2023.

Expressing her dismay and concern, Strela stated that the fake account has been spreading hate speeches and making inflammatory comments on social media, with the intention of inciting communal tension.

Screenshots of these comments were shared on a Facebook Page called “Being Kuki,” leading to false allegations being made against her.

Strela revealed that she became aware of the fake account and the allegations when her relatives residing in other states brought them to her attention.

She emphasized that she has been in Imphal for the past few months, where internet services have been suspended by the government. As a result, she firmly stated that she did not log in to her Twitter account or make any comments or posts.

Strela said, “I have been in Imphal for the past couple of months and it is well known that internet service has been barred in Manipur by the Government.”

To address this malicious act, Strela filed a report at the Cyber Crime Police Station. She expressed hope that the authorities concerned would take immediate action and swiftly identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for creating the fake account and spreading hate speech.

The incident has caused significant distress to Femina Miss India 2023 Runner-up Strela, as her image and reputation has been tarnished through the actions of impersonators.

She urged the public to remain cautious and not believe any false information or rumors that may circulate on social media platforms.