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Future Of Manipur Threatened By Narco-Terrorist – STNU

Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/July 26, 2023 (SPN ) | The Southern Tangkhul Naga Union ( STNU ) shed light on the critical issue plaguing Manipur – illegal immigrants. At a press meet held at Tangkhul Avenue in Chingmeirong on Tuesday, the Union said that the issue of illegal immigrants poses a severe threat not only to the State’s stability but also to the overall security of the nation.

The union urged both the Centre and the State Government to take decisive action and restore normalcy to safeguard Manipur’s future.

STNU chairman Somi Angkang emphasized that the State is currently facing significant challenges due to the infiltration of narco-terrorists and drug trafficking, posing a serious threat to Manipur’s stability.

This has led to a state of chaos, with drastic changes in the political and economic landscape, and has severely impacted the lives of the people.

The consequences of this crisis have been far-reaching, with educational institutions being forced to suspend classes and agricultural activities coming to a halt. Such disruptions jeopardize the very future of the State.

Somi Angkang questioned whether the people can sustain themselves solely on NFSA and MGNREGA subsidies, reinforcing that illegal immigration remains the core issue at hand.

According to Angkang, the Tangkhul areas in Manipur are divided into four zones – Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern. The chairman asserted that these zones have taken robust pre-emptive measures, making it impossible for foreign intrusions to occur illegally.

The fact that around 200 kilometers of these zones share a border with Myanmar further highlights the urgency of the situation.

The STNU’s appeal to the Government carries a sense of urgency, urging them to address the crisis promptly and with utmost seriousness. The impact of the situation reaches far beyond territorial boundaries, making it a matter of national importance.

The STNU chairman, Somi Angkang, also addressed the role of women activists in the ongoing crisis. He expressed that while road blockades and dictating people’s actions might not be effective, their support to the Government’s initiatives would be instrumental in finding a resolution. Emphasizing unity and collaboration, he urged the women to be allies in the fight against illegal immigration.

In addition to supporting the Government’s efforts, Somi Angkang desires the immediate reopening of all educational institutions and ensuring the availability of essential commodities. He firmly believes that with unwavering commitment, the Government has the capability to overcome these challenges.