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Local volunteers to doze off forest fire in Nongmaiching hills

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Miscreants still lit the fire in the Nongmaiching Forest Ranges, despite a stern warning from Chief Minister N Biren. From 6th February onwards, they have been burning the forest along the Nongmaiching hills.

The Nongmaiching Laiphamlen Environment Preservation Committee (NELPC) and Coordinating Body Khurai have submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister to investigate and punish the miscreants who are burning forests in the areas.

However, the fire still continues. On 5th consecutive day, the Thombi Pine forest at Nongmaiching hills near Takhel and Sanjenbam areas was burnt. The timely intervention of Takhel United Club (TUC) volunteers along with the Commandos posted at Sanjenbam Police Outpost and the Forest officials successfully dozed off the fire.

The Nongmaiching Laiphamlen Environment Preservation Committee (NLEPC) team leader Moirangthem Priyokumar(President TUC), Imphal East police team leader Chabungbam Romesh (CDO) Sanjenbam outpost and Forest team leader Prabir Ningthoujam Range Officer of Irilbung range took an active role in controlling the forest fire.

On the next day, miscreants again lit fire along the Nongmaiching hills near the Bheigyasing lok in the evening of Friday. The fire spread fast and Forest officials could not reach the spot.

forest fire in Nongmaiching hills
NLEPC and SKDC volunteers dozing off forest fire in Nongmaching hills.

However, volunteers of the Nongmaiching Laiphamlen Environment Preservation committee and Sanjenbam Volunteers led by team leader Nameirakpam Tiken, President of Sanjenbam Khunou Development committee (SKDC) controlled the forest fire.

Meanwhile, DFO Central also announced a publicity warning public not to burn forests in the evening around the Pangong Leitambi Road, Wakha, Kshetrigao in Imphal east.

Today, several members of the different Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMC) and Forest Department conducted search operations in and around the Nongmaiching hill ranges.

The mission was to mission to nab miscreants involved in Forest fire, hunting of wild animals along the Nongmaiching hill ranges.