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MP Sanajaoba urges Centre to resolve Indo-Myanmar border dispute

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Rajya Sabha MP and titular king of Manipur Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba brought up the issue of the Indo-Myanmar border dispute and completing the border fencing work along the Indo-Myanmar boundary in Manipur in the Parliament on Thursday.

On the second day of the Parliament session on Thursday, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba placed the issue as special mention and told the House that the state is facing difficulties in curbing illegal drug smuggling and entry of illegal immigrants due to the porous border with Myanmar.

MP Leishemba tweeted, “Yesterday I raised a very important matter in Parliament demanding to resolve Indo-Myanmar Border Issue & complete the fencing between Manipur – Myanmar Border to stop illegal drugs smuggling & infiltrations of illegal immigrants in Manipur due to porous border. @NBirenSingh

Raising the matter as a special motion, Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba urged the Central Government to take the Indo-Myanmar border dispute with utmost seriousness and resolve the matter at the earliest.
“Completion of the fencing construction works along the Indo-Myanmar border areas and finding a solution to the boundary issue are some of the immediate actions that need to be taken up to check smuggling and illegal cross-border migrations”, he said.

Fencing along Indo-Myanmar border dispute
Fencing along the Indo-Myanmar border in Manipur.

The situation is making the state government’s War on Drugs meaningless. Leishemba Sanajaoba said that foreign Nationals are continuously entering Manipur illegally by taking advantage of the porous border areas though the Manipur Government has been working hard to prevent it.

In order to give impetus to the War on Drugs and initiatives against illegal immigrants, completion of the border fencing is a must.

However, disputes over the boundary between the two countries are hampering the border fencing work, MP Leishemba pointed out while drawing the attention of the House towards the urgency of resolving the border dispute to facilitate early completion of the fencing work.

The Indo-Myanmar border dispute along the Manipur side has been a serious issue for the last 2-3 decades. Several Civil Society Organisations and Social activists have been highlighting the issues from time to time.

Due to the intervention of present N Biren-led BJP government, fencing along the alleged Indo-Myanmar border dispute has been put on hold.

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