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Narrative Art Festival is Essential for Cultural Preservation- Shivdutta Luwang

Narrative Art Festival in Manipur

Maisnam Shivdutta Luwang calls for promotion of Art forms for future generations at Narrative Art Festival in Manipur.

The Four-Day Narrative Art Festival took place from October 16 to 19, 2023. On the Second day, Maisnam Shivdutta Luwang, Member Secretary of the Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board emphasized the importance of strengthening narrative arts for the benefit of future generations in Manipur.

On the second day of the festival, activities included the Meitei Eshei and Meitei Wari Leeba. Shivdutta Luwang graced the event as a presidium member. He reiterated the gradual erosion of the rich cultural heritage preserved by our forefathers and stressed the urgent need to preserve these art forms.

As the present generation seeks to explore the evolutionary history of our community, conducting such a narrative art festival becomes significantly relevant. Our culture is embedded in these art forms, making it essential to strive for the preservation and promotion of Meitei narrative art. Shivdutta Luwang expressed gratitude and paid tribute to the festival’s founder, Padmashree Oja Naba Wareppa.

Sharing the platform with Shivdutta Luwang as a presidium member was K Rajumani Singh, Deputy Secretary of Manipur State Kaka Akademy. He emphasized that the festival plays a vital role in promoting our age-old culture and called upon people to actively participate in the event to gain a deeper understanding of their culture.

The Manipur Youth Cultural Organization from Porompat Thawan Thaba Leikai recognized the contributions of Theatre Director L Brajamohon Singh during the festival.

The Narrative Art Festival was organized in memory of Padmashree Oja Naba Wareppa. It was jointly conducted by the Manipur State Shumang Leela Council and Theatre Mirror Imphal at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound, Imphal.

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