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NSCN-K Urges Nagaland Government to Support Eastern Nagas

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 by SPN Editor

Kohima/ July 13, 2023 (SPN) | Drawing attention to the Mizoram State Government’s welcoming approach towards their brethren from Myanmar, the NSCN-K (Niki Group) called upon the Nagaland Government to follow suit and welcome Eastern Nagas.

In a press release from its MIP, the group highlighted the concerns faced by the Eastern Naga areas in Myanmar and urged the Nagaland Government to extend its support.

It asserted that the Nagaland Government should do more to assist their Eastern brothers and sisters who are facing political crises and civil war in the Eastern Naga areas.

The NSCN-K (Niki Group) recently emphasized the unity of the Nagas and their resistance against “artificial geographical borders” that attempt to divide them.

According to the NSCN-K, the Nagas remain united regardless of the “artificial geographical borders” imposed by occupying forces. This statement was made in response to certain individuals from the Burmese-occupied Naga areas advocating for “Refugee Status” for the Eastern Nagas from the Government of India.

The NSCN-K firmly believes that the Nagas cannot be divided based on citizenship status or refugee classification.

The NSCN-K expressed its concern over the history of divisive policies that have affected the Nagas, both internally and externally. The group emphasized that they cannot allow or support any elements that seek to create further divisions among the Nagas, particularly through the international boundary drawn by India and Myanmar without their consent.

Providing context for their position, the NSCN-K claimed that certain individuals from the Burmese-occupied Naga areas, who have previously lived and studied in Nagaland, are engaging in fundraising activities for personal gain.

These individuals falsely claim that the funds are intended for the suffering people in Myanmar. The NSCN-K condemned this behavior, highlighting that the affected people are unaware of how their names are being exploited for corrupt purposes.

The NSCN-K’s press release serves as a call to the Nagaland Government and the Naga community as a whole to stand in solidarity with the Eastern Nagas and address their needs during these challenging times.

The group urges the Nagaland Government to emulate the inclusive approach taken by Mizoram and extend support to the Eastern Nagas who have sought refuge in Nagaland.

As the Nagas continue to face various challenges, the NSCN-K emphasizes the importance of unity and collective action in preserving the rights and well-being of the Nagas, irrespective of the artificial boundaries imposed upon them.

It remains to be seen how the Nagaland Government and the Naga community at large respond to the NSCN-K’s plea for support and solidarity with the Eastern Nagas.