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Roman Reigns regains title at Crown Jewel 2022 in Saudi Arabia

Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

The much anticipated WWE Champion concluded in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Roman Reigns regained Undisputed WWE World Championship, defeating Logan Paul.

In the sensational match, Jake Paul was supposed to escort Logan Paul to the ring, but he didn’t show up. Roman Reigns had Paul Heyman by his side as he usually does. Reigns was confident, but he didn’t seem to underestimate his opponent.

Once the Cage was locked, Roman Reigns took Logan to the corner. They pushed each other a little, which visibly angered the champion. Logan scored a takedown to the waist to surprise Reigns, but it didn’t stop him.

Roman Reigns lift Crown Jewel
Roman Reigns lift Crown Jewel, defeating Logan Paul.

Roman Reigns began to deceive Paul to show who was in control. Logan didn’t give up and he actually knocked the champion down multiple times before knocking him out of the ring. As Paul started to get more confident, Heyman started looking worried. But Reigns seemed to have the game under control for the most part.

Logan was able to hit a few big moves like a blockbuster from the middle rope, but he couldn’t keep Reigns down for the count.

Paul hit some big right hands later in the match, including his take on Superman Punch, but The King of the Roman Empire kicked him every time.

Meanwhile, the Usos went out and punched Paul’s entourage after he put Reigns at the announcement table with a huge splash from the first string. This prompted Jake Paul to make the entrance of him to take out both Usos with a pair of right hands.

Solo Sikoa showed up, but officials prevented him from engaging with Jake. Logan eliminated both Usos with a dive over the top rope. When he returned to the ring, Reigns nailed him with a Superman Punch followed by a Spear to the pin.

Like it or not, you have to admit that the Celebrity boxer turned-wrestler Logan Paul put on a real show. He may not be as technically proficient as someone who has been doing this for years, but he has a clear understanding of how to play in the big moments and how to use his athleticism to execute dangerous moves and sell his opponent.

As impressive as Paul was here, it doesn’t make sense that Reigns is selling that much for a rookie. Having a celebrity in competition is fine, but Logan Paul has fought more than some of the other guys the two-time champion has beaten throughout his career.

With this win, Roman Reigns became the undisputed champion of WWE. He also holds the record for the longest reigning Universal Champion at 797+ days.

Before becoming a professional wrestler, Roman played football with the Minnesota Vikings and Jackson Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL). Roman also played Defensive tackle in Canadian Football League (CFL). Debuted the WWE ring on August 19, 2010, after retiring from football.

At the WWE SummerSlam Bianca Belair defeated Becky Lynch in the opening match on Saturday to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.