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RPF Urges to Pay Homage to Martyrs on Athoubasingi Numit

Last Updated on April 12, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) and its armed wing, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), paid homage to the ‘revolutionary martyrs’ on the occasion of ‘Athoubasingi Numit’ (Martyrs Day) on April 13.

In a statement released by the outfit’s Deputy Secretary, Publicity Roben Khuman, the RPF-PLA conveyed solidarity to the people and revolutionaries who have been crippled for life due to atrocities committed by the adversary forces.

The RPF-PLA stated that the ‘revolutionary martyrs’ who laid down their lives for the cause of Manipur’s sovereignty will continue to shine like bright stars for eternity.

The battle of Kodompokpi determined the direction of the freedom struggle of Manipur and it will continue to inspire future generations. RPF asserted that the goals of the ongoing revolutionary movement are peace, stability, and the right to self-determination.

It also appealed to all the people to pay fitting tributes to all those ‘revolutionary martyrs’ on the occasion of Athoubasingi Numit who laid down their lives in the course of the freedom movement on April 13.

Since 1978-79, thousands of revolutionaries belonging to RPF and other revolutionary groups and civilians have paid with their lives in the course of the freedom movement, while many other thousands sustained casualties of varying degrees.

RPF alleged that the people of Manipur have been suffering indescribable pain and trauma on account of the Indo-Manipur armed conflict. Different acts of violence perpetrated by the adversary forces, including execution, torture, and imprisonment, have been continuing unabated.

The party asserted that when the people of a nation stand firm and bravely for its sovereignty and are ready to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom, it will be impossible for any other country to suppress the particular nation for long.

Paying fitting tributes to the ‘revolutionary martyrs’ and constructing tombs in their memory would go a long way in saving a nation from being colonized and subjugated for good.

Transformation of civilians to revolutionaries and sacrificing one’s life in the freedom struggle are acts of patriotism and bravery, rather than being unusual.

The party asserted that following in the footsteps of those who fought till their last breath can sustain the eagerness for freedom and sovereignty.

The bravery of those martyrs who fought till their last breath has been a continuous source of inspiration, it added.

RPF appealed to all the people to keep off all entertainment or merry-making programs during Athoubasingi Numit on April 13 but take part in paying tributes to the ‘revolutionary martyrs’ at their memorial.

It further urged all the people to offer light at each and every residential gate on the evening of April 13.