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Samsung Galaxy S23 Update will have AI Features

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by SPN Editor

Last month, Samsung launched its newest flagship, the Galaxy S24 series, which came with the introduction of One UI 6.1, enriched with new AI features. This sparked discussions about the timeline for the updated OS to be available on older Galaxy phones, particularly Galaxy S23 phones and it appears that the wait could soon be over. Users will get the Galaxy S23 update soon.

Leaker BennettBuhner, as reported by SamMobile, indicates that the Galaxy S23 series may be in line to receive the One UI 6.1 update shortly. The source hints that the Galaxy S23 series is slated to receive the One UI 6.1 update in the coming month, which aligns with earlier speculations about the rollout commencing after February.

The Galaxy S23 update is anticipated to bring improved UI animations, new Galaxy AI features, and new lock screen customization options. It will also include various bug fixes and stability improvements. However, it remains unclear whether the entire AI suite from the Galaxy S24 will be available on the Galaxy S23 next month or if only select AI-powered features will be included in the upcoming update.

The Galaxy S24 is known for its AI-powered tools such as Circle to Search, Live Translate Call, Generative Edit, Generative Wallpaper, Interpreter, Transcriptions, auto-formatting for Samsung Notes, Summarize, and more.

While Samsung has not disclosed specific details about which Galaxy AI features will be available on older phones, it did mention last month that camera features like an enhanced Single Take Mode, a simplified long-exposure option, and colorization of black-and-white images are all slated for older Galaxy handsets.

The One UI 6.1 update is reportedly not just for the Galaxy S23 series (including Galaxy S23 FE), but also for Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series. The extent to which the One UI 6.1 experience on older devices mirrors that of the Galaxy S24 remains to be seen. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

One UI 6.1’s AI Features of Galaxy S23 Update

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 update, One UI 6.1, brings a plethora of new AI features to the table. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key AI features that are part of this update:

Circle to Search: This innovative feature allows users to highlight any content they see on their screen, and instantly fetch information about it via Google Search. It provides a seamless way to explore and learn more about the world around you, all from your device’s screen.

Live Translation in Calls: Communication across language barriers has never been easier. This feature translates your voice and the caller’s voice in real-time during a call, breaking down language barriers and facilitating smoother conversations.

Chat Assist: This AI-powered feature is designed to help manage conversations. It can assist in organizing and prioritizing your chats, making communication more efficient.

Powerful Spelling and Grammar Checking: This feature uses AI to improve the quality of text input. It provides real-time spelling and grammar checks, helping to ensure your messages are clear, accurate, and professional.

Generative Edit & Generative Wallpaper: These features use AI to generate wallpapers and edit photos. They offer a new level of customization and creativity, allowing you to personalize your device to your liking.

Auto-formatting for Samsung Notes: This feature uses AI to automatically format your notes. It helps keep your notes organized and easy to read, improving productivity and efficiency.

Summarize: This feature uses AI to summarize long texts. It can condense lengthy articles, documents, or messages into a brief summary, saving you time and making information more digestible.

Steps to Check Galaxy S23 Update

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Software update.
  3. Tap on Download and install.
  4. Your phone will now check for any available updates. If an update is available, you’ll be prompted to download and install it.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has demonstrated a significant dedication to software updates, allowing users to benefit from the most recent features and security improvements. Initially, the device was launched with Android 13-based One UI 5.1, but it has since received its first major update to One UI 6, which is based on Android 14. This is just the first of four software updates that Samsung has pledged to deliver, extending the Galaxy S23’s software support until 2027.

Besides these Android updates, users can anticipate specific Galaxy S23 updates, such as the camera-centric update that was released in June 2023. With a guarantee of five years of security patches, users can have confidence in their device’s security until at least 2028.

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