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Season 44 Survivor: Four women voted out, Male winner possible

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 by SPN Editor

The latest Season 44 Survivor has sparked controversy due to its unfortunate voting patterns. In the first four rounds of the game, four women were voted out, setting Season 44 Survivor on a course to make history as the first season to eliminate five women consecutively.

In the latest episode of Season 44 of Survivor which aired on Wednesday evening, host Jeff Probst snuffed out the torch of Sarah Wade, a 27-year-old consultant hailing from the city of Chicago.

Sarah was voted out by her family members of the Tika tribe, marking her departure as the fourth female castaway to leave Season 44.

As the ongoing season advances, a growing number of viewers are left to ponder whether this pattern will persist and ultimately culminate in the triumph of a male contender in Season 44 Survivor.

The Three-Tribe Format

Season 44 Survivor is sticking to the three-tribe format for at least one more episode.

Ratu was the first tribe to vote out Maddy Pomilla, while Tika is responsible for sending both Helen Li and Sarah Wade home. Meanwhile, Soka ousted Claire Rafson after she sat out for three consecutive immunity challenges.

Based on current tribe dynamics, and who loses the next immunity challenge, Tika could vote Carolyn Wiger out, Soka could opt for Jaime Lynn Ruiz, and Ratu might consider ousting Lauren Harpe, who has already been exposed for telling a lie.

A Troubling Record

Season 44 Survivor
Four female contestants were voted out of Season 44 Survivor.

Regardless of what happens in the upcoming Tribal Council, Survivor 44 has already made it into the record books alongside three other seasons, where four women were also voted out first. These seasons include Survivor 12: Panama and Survivor 17: Gabon.

It took over two decades for this pattern to occur between seasons 17 and 43, but it has now happened two seasons in a row. Some are questioning if the smaller tribe format is to blame.

A Male Winner?

It’s worth noting that in all three of the previously mentioned seasons, a male contestant was declared the winner: Aras Baskauskas for Survivor 12, Bob Crowley for Survivor 17, and Mike Gabler for Survivor 43. This raises the question of whether we should expect a male player to win Survivor 44 as well.

Unpredictable game

Survivor 44’s early trends indicate that the season might be on course for a male player to win. Although the game is unpredictable, past seasons’ data shows that male contestants have had an advantage in Survivor when women are voted out early.

The current trend of female contestants voting out of Season 44 Survivor is of great concern, and it is imperative for the producers of the program to take corrective measures in order to preserve the equitability and impartiality of the game.