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Separate land policy for hill districts of Manipur – N Biren

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Chief Minister N Biren announced that a separate land policy for hill districts will be introduced in the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly which is to be held in July. He also raised concerns that no equal development could be made between the hills and valley due to a lack of policies.

N Biren was speaking at the unveiling of ‘Manipur Vision 2047’ at the Chief Minister Secretariat on Wednesday.

In the next 25 years under ‘Manipur Vision 2047’, various developmental works, including the construction of a ring road for valley area, roads connecting border areas of Manipur by passing through entire headquarters of hill districts, etc. will be taken up, he said.

CM N Biren tweeted, “We are embarking on a special journey to boost infrastructure, agriculture, generate employment, develop tourism, entrepreneurship and IT sector with a balanced approach to preserve our cultural identity and natural resources”.

Due to the lack of proper planning in the past, Manipur could not make equal progress in a timely manner. However, the ‘Manipur Vision 2047’ will help in making development with ease, he said.

In five districts for the valley areas, the state cabinet has given approvals under the MLR Act and further made resolutions for introducing separate land policies. If this Manipur Vision is implemented, then the State will be one of the best Indian State in the coming years with major problems like unemployment, insurgencies, healthcare, cottage industries, tourism and sports will be promoted.

Special economic zones will be set up in the State and more emphasis will be given to groom talented youths of the hills and rural areas.

A meeting was conducted along with the MLAs of hill districts and discussions were held to introduce a separate land policy for hill districts, he said. With the help of India Infrastructure Finance Company (IIFC), the vision will be fulfilled, he added.

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