Manipur Police denied entry of TPO inside Manipur boundary in Kezoltsa

Manipur Police denied entry of TPO inside Manipur boundary

The Tenyimi Public Organisation (TPO) were reportedly denied entry at Kezoltsa on Wednesday by Manipur Police personnel and restricted from undertaking any activities at the site. The TPO had gone to Kezoltsa to reconstruct the Southern Angami Youth Organisation’s (SAYO) rest house which was dismantled by the Manipur government in November last year.  TPO President, … Read more

Give us Kohima, follow traditional boundary of forefathers

nagaland villages inside manipur territory

For the first time after Manipur was merged with Independent India in 1949, border issue with other Indian state marred the suzerainty of erstwhile Manipur kingdom. If Manipur claims the traditional boundaries of the past, then the size of Manipur will be 10 times of the present state. The controversial yet illegal claim by Southern … Read more

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