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Manipur Police denied entry of TPO inside Manipur boundary in Kezoltsa

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Tenyimi Public Organisation (TPO) were reportedly denied entry at Kezoltsa on Wednesday by Manipur Police personnel and restricted from undertaking any activities at the site. The TPO had gone to Kezoltsa to reconstruct the Southern Angami Youth Organisation’s (SAYO) rest house which was dismantled by the Manipur government in November last year. 

TPO President, Timikha Koza informed The Morung Express that the TPO along with representatives of seven out its 10 Tenyimi tribes including Poumai, Maram, Thangal, Pochury, Chakhesang, Rengma, Angami had reached Kezoltsa on Wednesday morning, but were dismayed at the sight of huge barricades on the entry along Nagaland.

Koza said the group had gone there “with construction materials this morning with good intention to reconstruct and restore the dismantled rest house belonging to SAYO which is said to be constructed 21 years ago and dismantled by the Manipur police in November last year.”

“We did not go there to confront the Manipur police whatsoever. The Dy SP, under SDPO, Senapati, Manipur along with around 50 jawans who were stationed there had denied entry stating that Section 144 CrPC was currently invoked by the District Magistrate, Senapati on April 6,” Koza said explaining the turn of events.

The Manipur Police reportedly denied placing blockades along the Nagaland route, but assured that it would investigate the matter. 

Koza expressed concern and said the state government, foremostly the Deputy Commissioner Kohima and State Commissioner would be apprised of the situation. 

 “Along the interstate boundary where Tenyimi people have land in Manipur and Manipur people also have land in Nagaland, the current matter needs to be resolved between the people of the land due to traditional land holdings. And while political demarcation is claimed to impose  Section 144 CrPC, then some land occupied by Manipur people also falls under Nagaland,” he maintained.

The construction materials which were taken up to the site have now been brought back to Khuzama Village and are now kept in safe custody with SAPO, he informed. 

The earlier planned visit on April 11 and 12 was postponed to April 20 for weather conditions, TPO informed. It also said that Mao and Zeliangrong Baudi had not participated today while Impui were not present for genuine reasons.  

While TPO has assured to pronounce the verdict before the end of April, the President said the board of arbitrators have been sitting and “we don’t want to postpone the matter anymore.” The only problem is the congenial atmosphere has to be restored. (Courtesy: The Morung Express) 

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