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Stringent action for urea smugglers in Manipur

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

During the paddy plantation seasons, urea smugglers harassing the common farmers is a routine event in Manipur. 200 bags load of truck was intercepted at Wabagai Mairenbam in Kakching district on 20th April by locals. The Urea bags that were transported by a truck was caught while loading into two DI Tatas at Wabagai Mairenbam at about 9 PM.

The consignment was to be smuggled into Myanmar through Moreh. Locals confiscated the urea and kept at a safe location which was later distributed to local farmers at cheaper price. The amount collected from farmers will be handed over to owner of the consignment.

Till now, no owner came forward to claim the ownership of the smuggled ureas. However, the Agriculture Minister must take stringent action in this regard.

Every season, ureas are smuggled to neighbouring states and Myanmar. This is the first case during the tenure of Thongam Biswajit as Agri Minister.

His first promise to the farmers was to provide Urea to the farmers of Manipur. The Minister has already inspected the District Agriculture Office at Lamphel along with the officials. He was confident keeping enough stocks of Urea to provide adequate quantity of urea and other fertilisers to the farmers.

While doing so, he wants to make the farmers’ income double by improving the agri and allied sectors. Biswajit was confident that during his tenure, farmers will be provided right quantity of Urea. For this, he already chalked out a plan to verify the farmers of the state.

In the hill ranges of Manipur, it is estimated that about 15000 to 20000 acres are used for illegal poppy cultivation every year. If we assume that one bag of urea is used in 1 acre of poppy plantations, then we are wasting 15-20 thousand bags of urea which are meant for our farmers. These 20 thousand bags must also be counted as smuggled.

Transporting urea well in advance is his priority, in addition to channelizing the distribution mechanism as well. He should also take stringent actions on the culprits to warn the urea smugglers. From May 25, goods train will reached up to Khongsang in Manipur. From here, urea could be easily transported which is hardly 105 km by road.

Transportation problem will be ruled out during this kharif season. Now, Agri Minister Thongam Biswajit must focus on smugglers and black marketers of urea. To achieve this, it is also necessary to reward people who inform about the smuggled urea and other fertilisers in the days to come. The Agri Departmemnt must open a toll free number to get information and suggestions from our farmers and general public.

This will help the Department to prevent smuggled of urea and black marketers. It is high time people must be involved to be a part of the Agri Minister’s mission to protect and promote the farmers of the State.

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