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Preventing non-locals from buying land in Manipur valley

Last Updated on February 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

CM N Biren informs the State Legislature that efforts will be made to restrict land sales to non-locals in the Manipur Valley without obtaining permission from the relevant authorities.

He made it clear that without the approval of the relevant Gram Sabha or Municipality, no one would be able to possess land or go through the mutation, registration, or transfer of ownership processes in Manipur valley.

During the question hour in the Manipur Legislative Assembly session on Wednesday, Member of the opposition bench, K Ranjit posed a question about the rules that govern the purchasing and selling of land in the valley.

In response, CM N Biren informed the assembly that government offices would be built at the foothills, and that authority had been given to establish a land bank. He also mentioned that the land bank had been approved. The Chief Minister also announced that the year 1961 would be used as the base year for the Inner Line Permit (ILP) and that any mutation or registration activities that were negligently carried out either before or after the aforementioned year would no longer be allowed.

Manipur Valley
New Land Law for Manipur Valley.

Verifying the involvement of non-locals in any transaction involving real estate in the Manipur valley is now required by law after the government made it a requirement. This method has been subjected to regulation and is incorporated into the relevant acts and rules.

Approval shall only be provided to anyone who wishes to buy land in the Manipur valley that is under the jurisdiction of the Panchayat, or for mutation or registration when the Gram Sabha of the Gram Panchayat that is concerned has expressed that they have no objections to the transaction. In a similar manner, territories that fall under the jurisdiction of the Municipality and the Nagar Panchayat require the consent of the respective Municipality. This approval has already been published in the Gazette.

CM N Biren believed that a long-term strategy for the development of the Manipur valley that extends all the way out to the year 2047 has been created. For the purpose of monitoring and regulating this development, a State Planning Authority has been established.

In addition, a comprehensive survey was conducted in order to establish a land bank in anticipation of the possible shifts that may occur over the next quarter of a century. As a result of the survey, over 82,852 acres of land have been located, which, once the cabinet has made a decision about the matter, will be designated as part of the government’s land bank. He went on to say that as a result of this, the infrastructures that were built in the water bodies would have to be moved to the foothills.

The actions made by the government of Manipur to regulate the purchasing and selling of land in the valley are essential to preventing land in the region from being acquired by individuals from outside of the state.

In order to further ensure that only authorized individuals are able to possess the land, the establishment of a land bank as well as verification methods will be implemented. This will contribute to the promotion of sustainable development and expansion in the valley. The long-term plan that extends until 2047 gives a clear direction for the region’s development, and the relocation of infrastructure from water bodies to the foothills will prevent the degradation of the ecosystem.

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