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Manipur Assembly approves Rs 1686 crores for 7 Departments

Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Manipur Assembly approved Rs 1686,03,06,000 for seven departments during the discussion on grant demands on Friday.

The demands include Rs 18,22,08,000 for the Information and Publicity Department, Rs 73,64,00,000 for the Labour and Employment Department, Rs 811,57,23,000 for Tribal Affairs and Hills Development, Rs 547,74,53,000 for the Power Department, Rs 30,05,95,000 for the Election Department, and Rs 5,05,50,000 for the Science and Technology Department.

During the session of the Manipur Assembly, opposition MLAs K Ranjit, Th Lokeshwar, and Surjakumar Okram raised a policy-cut motion on three demands: information and publicity, labor and employment, and power.

CM N Biren addressing at Manipur Assembly.
Manipur Chief Minister, N Biren (File Photo).

The opposition MLAs withdrew their motions after the ministers in question provided satisfactory responses in the Manipur Assembly.

The House then unanimously approved all seven grant demands, totaling Rs 1686,03,06,000.

Meanwhile, the Legislatures of the Manipur Assembly unanimously approved the Supplementary Demand for Grant 2022-23 for various departments, totaling Rs 54,960 crore on Wednesday.

In response to MLA K Ranjit’s question, Chief Minister N Biren informed the House that steps have been taken to prevent outsiders from purchasing land in Manipur’s valley areas. He went on to say that land could only be purchased with the approval of the relevant Municipality or Gram Sabha.

Transport Minister Khashim Vashum provided data from VAHAN and stated that the state has 4,22,753 vehicles as of January 2023. There are 1,10,674 vehicles over 15 years old, with 6,965 diesel vehicles and 1,03,709 petrol vehicles. He clarified that vehicle scrapping is based on the vehicle’s fitness rather than its age.

CM N Biren Singh informed the House during the session that 6,498 beneficiaries or business units had been identified for financial assistance under the Start-Up scheme. There are 5,041 beneficiaries receiving financial assistance through the scheme, and 4,719 units are profitable.

According to the budget presented on Tuesday, the Manipur budget deficit is estimated to be Rs 891 crore, compared to Rs 1230 crore last year. Compared to the fiscal deficit estimate of Rs 2760 crore, the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) estimate for 2023-24 is Rs 45145 crore.