Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board and Sana Konung perform Saroi Khangba

Saroi Khangba rituals

The Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board’s Vice President, Vidyapati Senjam @Wakhal Lamjingba, and Maiba Sanglakpa Salam Mani lead the Saroi Khangba rituals of the first Saturday of the Meitei month of Lamta (6th day of Lamta) at Khurai Ahong pung, Wangkhei Kongba Soudong pung, Khwai Tera Wangthonbi pung, and Kakwa Lamdai pung today.

The Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board issued a press release stating that they have been organizing the Saroi Khangba ritual for the peace of the State and its people every year. The press release by Maisnam Iboba Luwang, Maibarel of LSTB states that the ritual which was performed every year on the first Saturday of Lamta (popularly known as Lamta Thangja) was attended by the Maiba, Maibi, Pena, and devotees of Sanamahi Temple Board.

Saroi Khangba rituals
Saroi Khangba rituals performed by Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board.

Meanwhile, the Uttra Shanglen, Sana Konung also performed the Saroi Khangba ritual in the morning which is an age-old Manipur tradition. According to a press release issued by Publicity Secretary, Laishram Poireiton, Uttra Shanglen Sana Konung, the ritual was performed in the presence of Angom Ningthou, Pana Lakpa, Phamnaiba, Amaiba, Amaibi, Pena, Thang Ta Loishang along with the public and aimed to pray for the peace of the State.

Further, the press statement mentioned that ‘Panthong Latpa’ rituals were performed later in the evening at Khurai Ahong pung, Wangkhei Kongba Soudong pung, Khwai Tera Wangthonbi pung, and Kakwa Lamdai pung respectively.

The Saroi Khangba ritual is an important Manipuri religious practice that is performed to appease the Gods and Goddesses for peace and prosperity. The Maibi, a female priestess with the ability to communicate with spirits and Gods, usually performs the ritual. The ritual is carried out by the Maibi with the assistance of Maiba, a male priest, and Pena.

The ritual is carried out by lighting candles, and incense sticks, and offering fruit and flower to the deities. Womenfolks of every locality too performed the Saroi Khangba rituals at the junctions of three roads. They offer singju prepared from the edible vegetables contributed by every household to appease the evil spirits (propitiation of the evil spirits).

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