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AMUCO Strongly Condemns Brute Forces and Atrocities Against People

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/ September 29, 2023 (SPN) | The All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has issued a statement expressing deep concern and raising important questions about recent events in Manipur where security forces are using brute forces and atrocities against innocent students. The recent series of events in Manipur appears to be a deliberate attempt to create discord between people and the government.

This diversionary tactic has sidetracked the central issue facing the people of Manipur. Concurrently, it seems that the state government has become ensnared in a web woven by the Kuki-Zo militants, possibly in collaboration with the Government of India.

In a statement released by the Secretary Publicity of the Organisation, AMUCO emphasized that the local populace has valiantly stood up against the disruptive intentions of the Kuki-Zo militants, who seek to destabilize Manipur.

According to AMUCO, these events appear to be part of a larger strategy to create division between the people and the government while diverting attention from pressing issues that confront Manipur.

AMUCO acknowledges the brave efforts of the people of Manipur in confronting the challenges posed by Kuki-Zo militants who seek to disrupt the peace and unity of the region. The people have been resolute in their determination to thwart the nefarious agenda of these militants.

However, AMUCO suggests that a dangerous situation has emerged wherein direct confrontation between the government and the people is being orchestrated, potentially diluting the collective resolve to address the issue of Kuki-Zo militants.

One striking example that AMUCO points to is the recent escalation of excessive and brutal actions by both state and Central forces against protesters, primarily students. This escalation follows the circulation of distressing photos depicting two missing students who are presumed to have been murdered. These actions are seen by AMUCO as tactics designed to divert attention and create a divisive atmosphere.

AMUCO also raises questions about the response of the state government to the activities of Kuki-Zo militants. Despite the gravity of the situation, the government’s actions have been perceived as inadequate and lacking in proactive measures to protect the interests of Manipur. This perceived indifference has fueled frustration among the people.

AMUCO opines that had the government taken proactive, people-oriented measures in a timely manner, the mass protests and agitation could have been prevented.

Furthermore, AMUCO highlights the government’s treatment of those who have volunteered to defend their villages against attacks by Kuki-Zo militants. Instead of recognizing and supporting their efforts, the government is viewed as targeting these volunteers, an approach that AMUCO strongly condemns.

AMUCO contends that had the government taken timely and people-centric actions, the current wave of protests and agitation might have been averted. The organization underscores the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict and fostering a sense of unity among the people.

The use of force against peaceful student rallies seeking justice for the kidnapped and murdered Meitei students is a particularly concerning development. The heavy-handed tactics employed, including the use of pellet guns, tear gas shells, and baton charges, have raised alarm among observers. The government’s response to these protests has been viewed as harsh and unsympathetic, exacerbating tensions.

In light of these events, AMUCO expresses deep concern about the brute forces and atrocities meted out on protesters, especially students, by both state and Central forces.

Voicing profound apprehension regarding the harsh suppression of protesters, especially students, by both state and Central forces in recent days, with daily casualties exceeding 100, AMUCO emphatically demands an end to the excessive use of force against innocent civilians.

In a situation where the State Police display a lack of empathy and a disconnect with the protesting students, it has seemingly emboldened the Central Paramilitary forces to instill fear and unleash terror upon our fellow citizens, our sisters and brothers.

AMUCO further stressed that the state government bears the responsibility for all casualties and should ensure the proper medical care of injured students and protestors.

Additionally, urgent measures must be taken by the government to hold security personnel, whether from state or Central forces, accountable for their excessive use of brute force and atrocities during protest demonstrations. Failure to do so may result in heightened agitation in the near future, cautioned AMUCO.