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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The most important and also the most serious issue in the financial sector is the medium of communication. The bank is the only place where the rich and the poor depend for their secure future. The local language in the Banking sector must be the top priority to serve the customers.

A day ago, Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman stressed that front office staff must know the local language. “I speak in strong words because that is the nature of banking. You all are dealing with people and you may respect them and their languages,” She addressed the Bankers at the Indian Banks Association.

In Manipur, where different ethnic tribes coexist and where the language of communication is Manipuri, special attention must be given to those customers who are still unable to understand the fluent Manipuri language. It would be an injustice to the Banking staff to learn every tribal dialect– Mao, Tangkhul, Kabui, Thadou, Lamkang, and Thangal to assist the customers. There must be a provision to hire part-time or contractual staff from the locality to serve the customers.

Banks which is located in remote tribal areas must hire people who can speak the local language in the Banking sector. The innocent villagers must be served with dedication and their security is the most important thing to be taken care of.

Quite often, the miscommunication gap caused misunderstanding between the bank staff and their valued customers. For instance, hard-earned money from middle-class customers is deposited in saving accounts which are often attacked by scammers. The Bank staff must educate and make awareness to their customers to stay away from those scammers.

In some banks, the customer service desk remains empty. When a customer wishes to inquire about anything related to banking services, they have to stand at the counter for long hours only to be shifted to another counter. If we have arrangments for the front office staffs fluent in local language in the Banking sector, then the business of banking will be easier.

Still, there are several banks in the State where customer service or front desk office staff do not understand the local language. The illiterate customers find it difficult to fully understand the do’s and don’ts of banking. Ultimately, these customers were forced to close their accounts or have to pay penalties or extra charges.

Besides, having staff fluent in local languages in the Banking sector, the documents, and information provided by the Bank with regards to the ATM Debit Card, Loan interest, and Fixed deposits must be written in the local language.