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Golden Jubilee of DMC Teacher Education held

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Golden Jubilee Celebration of Dhanamanjuri College of Teacher Education was organised by DM College of Teacher Education on Friday at Golden Jubilee Hall, DMCTE. Education Minister Th. Basanta Kumar Singh graced the occasion as Chief Guest; Professor N. Rajmuhon Singh, Vice-Chancellor, D.M. University and MLA Kh. Joykisan Singh as Guest of Honour and Dr RK Lokendra Singh, Principal, D.M. College of Teacher Education as President.

Addressing the gathering, Basanta Kumar said that the completion of 50 years is a landmark achievement of the institute which has done a commendable job in imparting knowledge to the aspiring teachers who in turn will be nurturing and moulding the future students of the State. Stating that teaching is the noblest profession, the Minister said that teachers should work with dedication and sincerity to inculcate the knowledge of educating the students.

Stressing the relevance of teacher education, the Minister said that teacher education and educators involve curriculum development and assessment. It also refers to policies, procedures and provisions designed to equip the prospective teachers in applying the methodology and skills required by the students. Effective classroom teaching should be the aim of imparting training to prospective teachers, he added.

The Minister appealed to all the experienced educators and teacher trainers to endorse the core values of character building to ensure the moral standards of the prospective teachers which are incorporated in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. He said that to incorporate all the aspects of NEP 2020 to produce better teachers and educators in future. Around 20 per cent of the student population will become 100 per cent in the future and we need to be serious in imparting the knowledge to the students. All the teachers who became teachers by choice as well as by accident should take the pledge to impart knowledge with dedication and sincerity after passing out from the institute, he said.

The Minister said that it is time to act to bring changes in the education system of the state even though there is an acute shortage of infrastructure and teachers. The government is trying to manage the shortages and the transfer/posting policies considering the constraints faced by the teachers while performing their duties, he added.

Mentioning the campaign to put ‘Tr.’ as a title for teaching professionals, the Minister said that teachers are highly respected in our Manipuri culture. The very word ‘Oja’ used in our culture carries so much weight. It is not only for a teacher but also for seniors who command respect from every aspect. Everything is based on teachers as they brought development to society, he said.

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Education Minister presenting a memento to teachers

Manipuri culture is the highest culture, he added. The Minister also stated that a committee headed by the Education Minister has been formed to examine any forms of publications that distort the culture and history of the state from every aspect. All these involve teachers who are experts in their respective fields, he added.

The Minister said that there are many talented youths in the state and we should take caution to guard the talents. If they have discipline and focus, the youths can compete with anybody in the world. In the next five years, the changes that will come will be much faster than the changes that took place in the last 50 years. We have to adapt fast to these changes otherwise we will become extinct. The secret to a bright future lies in our daily habits and a disciplined life will assure our career. Let us all remain humble and inculcate the character of humanity to become a good human being in society as a citizen of the country, the Minister added.

Speaking at the function, Professor Rajmuhon Singh said that teachers should be role models for future generations. Almost all the world-famous personalities/icons are made by the teachers, he added. He further said that the close relationship between teachers and students is very important as teachers mould students to become good human beings. Moreover, quality education is very important as the 21st century is the era of knowledge, he added.

Mementos were presented to the teachers to honour them for their hard work and dedication in imparting training to the aspiring teachers of the institute. The function was attended by faculties, alumni and students of the institute.