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Speak in own ethnic language – Basanta Kumar

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by SPN Editor

State Education Minister Th Basanta Kumar stressed on the need for promoting one’s culture and language. Way of living, dance, food habit are a part of culture. Language is among the most important aspects of language. It is very important to speak in own ethnic language, he asserted.

The Education Minister also inaugurated a newly constructed building of St. Xavier College, Senapati district on Wednesday as part of the foundation day of the college.

On the 22nd anniversary of State Language Day, Chief Minister N Biren suggested that we should all try to learn and speak the languages of other communities like Mao, Tangkhul, Vaiphei etc. The State Government is coming out with a plan to provide scholarships or stipends to the students who learn the language of other ethnic communities, he said.

The Education Minister maintained that following the implementation of the New Education policy 2022, education sector both in the State and country will see many remarkable changes. The first NEP was enunciated in 1968, followed by the second NEP in 1986 and third NEP 2020. The current NEP 2020 focuses on three language formula. There is no compulsion of learning any language. Any student can learn English, Hindi or own ethnic language of their choice, he said.

There is no question of imposition of Hindi in any state. As clarified on the floor of Manipur Legislative Assembly, there is no any specific order from the Centre instructing the state to impose Hindi up to Class X as compulsory subject. Let’s not create an issue out of this, promote the local language and speak in own ethnic languages, he added.

Basanta Kumar, however, said that there are many advantages of learning many languages. Someone has to speak Hindi if he happens to go to Guwahati for medical treatment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also repeatedly encouraged learning own ethnic language, he added.

Proprietor of The Morning Bell Laimayum Bashanta Sharma also attended the function as Guest of Honour.

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