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Why only Meetei to protect integrity of Manipur

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Today is the 10th day of South Angami Public Organisation (SAPO) indefinite bandh on Manipur bound vehicular movements along the National Highway 39. Why only Meetei to protect the integrity of Manipur? This bandh is in connection to “permanent structures” and “deployment of armed personnel” at what it referred to as the “disputed” by Manipur government.

However, it is very clear that government of Manipur never entered the territory of Nagaland to construct the said structures. Manipur is deploying its own security personnel along the border, which is 100 metres inside the State border.

When the protest against Manipur enters 10th day, what made it a serious issue is why the villagers and civil society organisations from the border did not reacting. Why do they keep silent on the illegal claim by the SAPO? Why are the residents not saying a word when their neighbors are claiming our own courtyard as disputed territories?

The Manipuri, particularly, Meetei staying in Assam have called for counter blockades against the action of SAPO. The Meetei living in Assam have come out to teach them not to interfere in the internal affairs of Manipur state. They have requested the Nagaland government to intervene in the bandh along NH 39.

Neither kukis nor Nagas living in Manipur have expressed their opinions against the SAPO. How long will Meetei communities protect the integrity of Manipur. When Myanmar (erstwhile Burma) invaded, Manipur during 1819, Meetei along with a few other communities fought against the invading enemies. If Meetei did not come forward and fight against enemies, then today’s Manipur will be a different one!

When the neighbouring kingdoms invaded Manipur, the Meetei king always fought back the invaders. If Meetei remains silent like other communities, today there will be no Manipur.

Still today, we have seen encroachers along the Indo Myanmar boundary and several kilometres of Manipur land’s have been taken away. Only Meetei stand against them and protest to protect the integrity of Manipur and the territorial boundaries of our land. The big question is why Meetei always have to fight all these, is this the responsibility of other communities – Kukis, Nagas, Muslim and other lesser known tribes who claim to be the indigenous people to come forward?

When will other communities show their responsibilities like the Meetei and protect the integrity of Manipur? Manipur CM N Biren Singh also said that his government will not bow down to SAPO. We are deploying our soldiers to protect the boundary. Let us support the government and protect the northern party of our state which was untouched and unexplored by previous governments.

Dzuko valley, which lies two third part in Manipur was forcefully claimed by Nagaland due to weak governments in the past. Now, we have a strong leader who promises to safeguard the land and his people.