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Last Updated on April 29, 2023 by SPN Editor

It is confirmed that one of the metings of G-20 summit in Imphal will be held in Loktak lake, one of the largest freshwater lake of South Asia. This event will be the most important one for our Loktak lake- soul of Manipur.

Union DONER Minister G Kishan Reddy and Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju have expressed that one of the meeting of G-20 summit in Imphal will be hosted in the Loktak lake and this would be the memorable one.

Spreading over 287 square km, Loktak lake must be cleaned and decked with natural fauna and flora. We have seen the Inle lake of Myanmar which is also one of the largest freshwater lakes of Myanmar. Our Loktak lake is not behind Inle lake in beauty and natural bio diversity.

Loktak lake can be showcased like Inle lake during G-20 summit in Imphal
Inle lake of Myanmar.

Recently concluded Manipur Sangai Festival at Moirang Khunou have introduced the serene beauty of Loktak lake to the tourists. We now need people’s participation in making, keeping Loktak lake clean, and decorated at the grandest way.

Few days ago, Manipur CM N Biren has inaugurated 9 hydraulic excavators, 6 mores arriving soon to clean the lake. On the inaugural function, he said that Loktak lake need to give a different look with significant changes before February 2023.

Let the visiting foreign dignitaries of G-20 Nations enjoy the natural lake and also make them invest in the lake and the State. These days, floating solar farms are used in developed countries which generates more electricity than rooftop solar panels.

It is confirmed that the cooling effect of the water beneath the solar panels in such floating solar farms can boost electricity production by as much as 12.5%.

The concept of floating solar farm in our Loktak lake will benefit the lake from keeping it cool for the habitats and also provide clean efficient energies, which is an alternate for the damage done by Ithai Barrage.

Let us not waste the opportunity of hosting a meeting of G-20 summit in Imphal. The government must prepare a pilot plan to convince the dignitaries that Loktak is an untapped hidden resources for the State and the Country as well. The water of Loktak will be used as a fresh potable drinking water in the days to come, the lake can help state to produce 100 percent green electricity, the blue revolution of the Country can be achieved here.

G-20 summit in Imphal at loktak lake
Loktak lake with Phumdis

The freshness of the Loktak lake will be seen when the excavators have completed their work of cleaning the phumdis. The responsibilities of Loktak Development Authority is huge in making our Loktak, one of the best freshwater lake.

While cleaning the Phumdis, the illegal encroachers must be evicted to protect the lake from further exploitation. The state government has already declared that around 379 are illegal encroachers in the Loktak lake.

Under the Save Loktak Mission, eviction notice has been served to illegal structures along the peripheries of Loktak lake in Ningthoukhong and other areas.

It would be the biggest achievements of the LDA team led by Moirangthem Asnikumar to present Loktak to the dignitaries attending meeting at G-20 summit in Imphal. Loktak lake must be cleaned and presented in the best way to dignitaries of G-20 summit in Imphal, convincing them to return as investors.

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