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Local flavor in school curriculum of Manipur

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The move to include Manipuri Performing Arts (MPA)as optional paper in the School curriculum of Manipur Board is justified. The young students of class 9 and 10 must be introduced to the rich tradition and cultural heritage of the State. These days, several Universities has opened Post Graduation and Certificate course in culture and traditions.

The demand by DESAM for making pony riding as mandatory co curricular activities and practicals for MPA and Thang Ta in the school curriculum of Manipur is very encouraging.

The new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 highlighted the importance of promoting the language and culture of every communities. It is clearly mentioned in NEP (4:31) that local contents and flavor should be included in the school curriculum.

Such inclusion will provide a sense of belongingness, identity of culture for the promotion of cultural awareness among the students.

The NEP guidelines seems very similar to the efforts of CM N Biren led government in promoting the culture, tradition, language and identity. Therefore, adding local flavors in the School Curriculum of Manipur will be the top priority of the government as well.

Sagol kangjei must be added in school curriculum of Manipur
Sagol Kangjei of Manipur.

As CM N Biren has already announced the promotion of Polo (Sagol Kangjei), adding pony riding as extra co-curricular activities will be the best option to groom best polo players in the days to come. Moreover, such steps will aid in the Pony conservation and development policy of the State. Let us popularise the game of Polo from the grass-root levels.

When the world talked about Polo, we are proud of our great forefathers who have invented Sagol Kangjei. It is due to their dedication and hard work of preserving the game since generations that the world acknowledge that Polo was born in Manipur.

Our culture and identity must be infused in the minds of our younger generations to keep alive the rich traditions of our forefathers, which is our identity today.

The Manipuri Performing Arts is an important topics for the aspiring candidates of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) who are opting Manipuri paper as the optional subjects. If we groom our class 9 and 10 students the various performing arts like Lai Haraoba, Sagol Kangjei, Khong Kangjei, Kang, Raas Leela Dance, Thang Ta, Folk songs, Pena, Sumang Kumhei and other indigenous art forms through the school curriculum in Manipur, then we can easily keep our culture intact.

CM N Biren has already inaugurated the 2 months long local language training course on Friday, announcing the benefits of learning local languages to bring peace and unity among the people. The addition of MPA in school curriculum will surely help to preserve our culture and languages.

In the backdrop, DESAM has submitted the Memorandums to Chief Minister N Biren and Education Minister Th Basanta Kumar to include MPA in school curriculum of Manipur. We hope, the people CM will surely consider the proposal of DESAM in the interest of preserving and promoting our rich culture and heritage.

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