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Thang Ta course begins at Pitambara English School Imphal

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Yumbirel Semkat Sakat Loishang Lup of Apunba Manipur Huyen Lanlong Lup (AMHLL) has joined hands with Pitambara English School at Kwakeithel in Imphal to commence the Thang Ta course on April 6, 2023.

The initiative to introduce Thang Ta in schools across Manipur was launched by the Human Resource Development Department of AMHLL.

The objective of this campaign is to instill discipline, promote healthy habits, and discourage drug and substance abuse among students.

Thang Ta is an ancient martial art form that originated in Manipur, and involves using swords, spears, and shields. The subject has been included in the curriculum of Pitambara English School due to the joint efforts of AMHLL and the school authorities. The opening ceremony of the Thang Ta course was held at the school complex at 10 AM.

Pitambara English School Imphal
Thang Ta course begins at Pitambara English School Imphal.

Lai Tin Thaba ceremony to start Thang Ta Course in the Pitambara English School in Kwakeithel Heinoukhongnembi Makha Leikai, Lai Nongshaba Manak in Imphal West District.

Lai Tin Thaba, a traditional Manipuri ritual, was conducted by Sintakpa Sapam Inaobi, General Secretary of Apunba Manipur Huyen Lanlong Lup, to mark the commencement of the Thang Ta course. The ceremony was attended by teachers, students, and parents of the school.

Thongam Yaiphaba Kha Nganba from the HRD Department of the Lup stated that the AMHLL aims to establish Thang Ta course centers in all schools across the state. The Lup has been providing the necessary equipment and gear required for the Thang Ta syllabus.

The inclusion of Thang Ta in the school curriculum is a significant step towards promoting discipline and responsibility among students.

Martial arts like Thang Ta not only help students learn self-defence techniques but also instill a sense of respect, self-control, and discipline.

Furthermore, by encouraging healthy habits and discouraging drug and substance abuse, Thang Ta helps students become responsible citizens who are mindful of their actions and their impact on society.